Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valleys of Life - Letting Go of the Life We Planned

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, 
so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.- Joseph Campbell

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Overwhelming circumstances that cause one to question the path, to reach down and find out what they're made of, to question all of their choices thus far in the journey, those circumstances, they are but a breath away.  They come by way of a positive test result and phone call from a doctor.  They come by way of the arrival of the US Military on your doorstep with sad news.  They come by way of a telephone call from a relative or friend letting you know that someone you love is gone.  Those overwhelming circumstances hold no grievances against whom they strike.  They are the valleys of life.

The last month has been a haze of such circumstances to people I know, care for, work with and love.  Every which way I turn, someone I share this journey with, someone I enjoy it all with, their life is changing...in big ways.  Both ends of the spectrum are represented.  One friend has the beginning of  a new life while another experiences the loss of another.  It just blows my mind mixed with other friends who are fighting for their health and lives.  All of these circumstances just brewing.  

All of this, during a time when I myself have been making my own major life changes to find new energy, greater health and happier days.  No, life is rarely ever random for me.  The incorporation of juicing into my life has reached beyond me to help others in crisis.  Certainly didn't see that one coming but it has.  Who'd of thought?  A choice I make reaches into another one's life to change their path too.  Hmmm....exciting times, don't cha think?  I was already happy with the way I was feeling but to see it reach into other people's lives and change theirs too...that's just flat out awesome. 

Another example of life's synchronicity would be talking to an old friend about a new legal need and the services I offer, followed by a colleague, current member and dear friend facing a similar issue the next day. Um, yeah.  No, nothing is random right now. I'm just glad I'm taking action upon listening.  After all, without action, nothing happens.

This reminds me to remind you...you're not supposed to act on all things.  No matter the battles we face in our own overwhelming circumstances, just know that some battles going on right now, those aren't ours to fight.  We just have to accept that and deal with our stuff.  I know, it's not right, but it is, so we just have to deal with that as best we can.  It's okay to not fight all of the battles.  Just like it's okay to sometimes not have all of the answers.  Just keep fighting the good fight and allowing those who wish to carry you do so.  Let them love you forward through the valleys of your life. 
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