Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pay Attention - You Are Where You Should Be

In late 2007 or early 2008 I was introduced to The Secret on DVD by a business associate, friend and neighbor.  It was the first time I had ever been exposed to such a collective source of information on the subject of manifestation and the law of attraction.  I was blown away.  I watched it time and time again, purchased my own copy and the book thereafter.  2007, four years ago, long before KnowingBlog.com or the Knowing Facebook Fan Page.

I would learn that I had been a proponent of the law all along and never knew it.  I had been teaching my children from school age forward that what you think about you bring about.  Every situation they came home from school and talked about could be remedied the same way.  Up to this point in my own journey I had discovered Norman Vincent Peale's books as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer's.  These authors and Joyce Meyer were my library of learning to trust myself and about growing up into all that I am supposed to become.  They created the foundation of much of what I share with those I love today. 

I would learn that every problem I struggled with daily could also benefit from the law of attraction.  Up until The Secret I hadn't really thought about the far reaching implications of this truth.  Think about it, if the majority of us CREATED the lives we wanted and needed to transcend (face it, stuff happens we have no control over) the world wold be transformed.  TRANSFORMED.

So, here I was wanting for everyone I knew to read it or watch it as well.  If you have Netflix it is on streaming.  You know, I think that is why I share these things.  To transform.  If I open myself up and tell you things I have learned like I tell my best girlfriend then I am at least letting you know you are not alone during your own journey dealing with the same stuff.

Last June I decided to go ahead and create a public blog sharing those things I discuss with my friends, family,  and loves. This was after much urging from my family and friends to get into life coaching or a similar business.  I declined to go that route for I believe in my chosen profession with LegalShield but the praise and suggestions to share the words resonated a truth within me that knew it something must be done.  

You do not even need my identity for Knowing nor my life.  Knowing is to become a community where we all share our stories, our lessons on the journey.  Everything that moves us and teaches us should be here.  We owe it to ourselves to tweak the learning curve and create meaningful relationships with people near and far to us who share similar traits of the universal journey of LIFE. That's why I love my friend's blog name so much...Trust Life Today. It's not just a blog though, it's a similar calling between us, a calling to share and help others. 

That Holiday after the Secret introduction would be all things Secret from my same friend who shared with me her DVD.  That is the thing, beneficial knowledge must be shared.  Just this month she asked me if I wanted an extra copy of a good book she had that was recently released.  Enjoying the perpetual calendar all year in 2008 from her I think kept me in my right frame of mind when changes in her life would force me to let go of a job I loved and people I loved working with in late 2008.

Of course it all worked out in the end though.  Now I can write and have a career helping others that I love transforming the legal profession as a whole.  Think about that, going from a legal secretary to a paralegal to one of many transforming the way legal services are rendered to the public.  I am exactly where I intended to be in ways I could not have imagined in 2007/2008.  Sometimes life really does give you something bigger then your dream.  I am even willing to say there are signs along the way when you are in vibration with that which you are attracting.  I just can't dispute that anymore.  If you have had something like what I shared herein happen to you, please share it at the Knowing fan page on Facebook.  I'd love to hear about your own signs and coincidences.

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." 
~ Albert Einstein
Years of struggle and growth came to a head at the point in my life and the immediate time period after learning about the law of attraction.  During those years I discovered Eckhart Tolle and the teachings of Abraham by the Hicks family.  I read their teachings repeatedly.  I watched and recorded Dr. Dyer's lectures on PBS as well.  It was as if every tool I needed, every person who would change my life, and every circumstance I'd been fighting/avoiding showed up in my life at the same time and in due season.  It was a journey to this point, to today.  That is how life always is though, a journey.  

If you would of told me in 2008 that I would be sitting here in my home office typing this looking out the window at the mountains where I can be happy and stress free I would of laughed at you.  Yet here I am.  To make it even more interesting, the very first day I took this move serious (decision day) was the day I saw this car in front of me in town.  Luckily I had a passenger to take a photo.  This was the first day I took family out to look at my 'big life move' options with me.

Yes, my name and what would eventually come to be my house number on my road.  This house number, after one contract fell through, meaning the house I am in was not the first choice, let alone even on the market when house number one went under contract.  Yeah, so you see I am not really reaching here.  Oh but wait, it gets better though.  Many months later, the night of the real estate closing, I would find myself behind the tag below headed back to my temporary home in Northern Virginia.  Thank you to the traffic light in Warrenton for allowing me to get this image.


So, 2011, one year after starting Knowing, and half a year in my home, where I should be but could have never of dreamed for myself.  Now, given what all I have in my intent right now, all I can say is bring it.  I welcome it.  I am so looking forward to it.  You should be too.  Everyone's life needs something to look forward to each and every day.  Be home, where ever you are.  Be enough.  Enjoy the journey.  I'm just grateful to be a part of it.

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