Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thank You September

Yes, it's been a while.  Even this blog's Facebook page has been in the background as of late.  Here we are, three months since my last blog, starting again.  Bonus, I'm doing so during my favorite month of the year.  Having been raised in Virginia for all of my life, I'm attached to the autumns here.  It is so beautiful and majestic in the mountains as the leaves change color.  I've never been a fan of winter and this may very well be a contributing factor to why I savor October as much as I do.  Well, that and Halloween.  This girl right here loves Halloween!

It's been a rough few months.  I promise you that I'm not hiding.  Nor am I in a bad way myself personally.  Thank goodness.  To get you up to speed though, without too many useless words, here's a bullet list of life's latest speed bumps to tackle with fearlessness, grace and love.

- In July, exactly one month after my grandfather passed, one of his brother's was greeted by him when he too went home to the other side.

- In July, just after she'd received her birthday gifts, the step-daughter that I have loved as my own since she was age 7, walked away from our lives for the third and probably last time without a word from her as to why she made that choice.  This time it was to join the biological parent who neglected, abused and abandoned her.  Yep, the one we rescued her from.  My heart will always be open to her.  That's what unconditional love is.  Her path, not mine.  She will be missed at her great-grandfather's funeral this month but it is what it is, hurt people hurting other people.  Just as Tristan and I will miss her when I lay my parents to rest.  I guarantee she didn't think about his heartbreak when she made that choice to abandon us.

- In August, one of the most beautifully charismatic lead singers I've ever had the pleasure to spend time with went home as well.  He left behind a wife and talented young son who may just one day rock the stage just as his father did.  Pat was an amazing father and friend to many.  He is horribly missed.

- Also in August, on the day of the funeral for the friend above, 15 years to the day that my grandmother had surgery to save her life, my mother was in the emergency room being diagnosed with the same conditions that took my grandmother (her mom).  To. The. Day.  We lost my grandmother during that procedure in 1999 and let her go the next day.  It still takes my breath away to think about it.

- In September, my dear father, not wanting to be "haunted" by my mother from the other side (true story, he told her this and we all laugh about it), decided to join the fun with his own trip to the emergency room.  Now they're both making their final laps finishing the race of life.  Thank goodness his wife is a nurse because no matter how many times I search Google, I'm unable to find a way to clone myself to be in both places at once. Yes, another dot connected here in the picture of life for me.  Thank you Evelyn for being there for him.

- Also in September, no one I know and loved went home.  FINALLY.  A month without a funeral.  A month without a goodbye.  A month of not watching children and parents mourn.  A whole yummy month to exhale and remember what life was like before last November when we lost our Thomas.  A month that even had a tiny bit of travel somewhere new across the country for my business with one of my best friends.  Something I'd not done in far too long.

So, there you have it.  Now when I speak or write of these things, finalizing the other blogs I've been compiling through it all, it will make sense.  

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