Saturday, April 14, 2012

Manifesting 101: The Acknowledgement

Hard to believe it's already the middle of April.  The events of the last six weeks have been incredibly unbelievable.  As things evolve on the home front, things in other areas of my life have also been birthing into existence.  An abundance of blessings have been flowing amidst life's struggles.  As I catch my breath tonight and pause to write, I'm so very thankful for this opportunity to connect with you, to inspire you, and to let you know you're not alone out there on the journey.  Navigating my path and sharing the same has not been easy, but as with all things that push us out of our comfort zones, it's been richly rewarding having done so.

So, here I am, on a Friday night, counting down the minutes to my first ever national conference call as a guest speaker in my profession.  At about the same time that things shifted with Jennifer, I was asked by my Regional Manager to step into service leadership for our growing area.  In that I enjoy giving, I gladly accepted the offer to do so.  With that change of course came added responsibilities and challenges.  I'm a firm believer that God isn't going to bring you to someone or something without giving you the tools, resources and wherewithal to deal with it.  To say I was overwhelmed at first would be an understatement but as with any challenge I've faced, I knew I was going to conquer it.  It took a few weeks to get into the new flow of life but eventually I arrived.  That part of my path, coupled with a group of like minded leaders that I speak to each week via a conference call, falling upon the heels of a Speech Craft course thanks to Toastmasters International, ended up birthing the self confidence to take upon this challenge tonight.  It's one thing to do a conference call for those you know, your market place, etc.  It's a whole other monster to coordinate one that's broadcast and shared with the entire sales force in the US and Canada.  Oh yeah, I got this, even if I am directing that those butterflies fly in formation.  I wanted it, I manifested it, it's here so now it's time to ride it out.  

Adding to these events has been my continued venture into whole foods, micro-nutrient foods, and making homemade juices.  That too has been life changing.  I started making juices at the end of January.  Since that time, my mind is clearer, I have amazing energy and other health issues have been subsiding.  I always understood that what you eat matters but to take it back to the basics of micro-nutrient goodness all of the time has been like no other shift I've ever made in my eating. It's not just my life that's changed though.  I've shared this part of the journey with some amazing ladies and gentlemen in a private group that we have on Facebook.  In fact, if you want to join us just send me a friends request and I'll add you to it.  We were all inspired by the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  It's streaming on Netflix by the way and also free on Hulu's website.  It's been a lot of fun sharing this part of the path with them.  I just know you'll love the support we give each other too!

Then, just this past weekend I watched another miracle come to pass.  I watched as someone I love feel the peace the passes all understanding.  I watched a transformation, a letting go of what was for the acceptance of what is.  I cried tears of joy knowing that life as she knew it, as we knew it, was changing now and forever.  If life hadn't already blessed us beyond measure here recently, here we were experiencing yet another miracle.  I'm still without words thinking back to that moment. 

Oh, but wait, life, my life, it really does get more interesting though.  As if all of that wasn't enough, the cherry on top has been the nagging realization that I do believe that something (read: someone) I've been meaning to manifest might in fact be coming to pass.  You see, in December of 2009 I took a leap of faith and created what I term "the list."  What is the list?  It's a long exercise in very deliberately writing down what you want in someone else to share the journey with you.  I've been happily single and sane for years.  Still am actually but nonetheless, I put the intention out there of what I wanted to bring into my life.  I even published it on my private blog January 1, 2010 and have edited it each year thereafter as my life has evolved.  

This past December 31st though, when I went to edit the same, a dear friend who has access to see it made an observation that someone in my life the year prior appeared to be meeting many of the items written about on that list.  Hmmmm......oh wait, hold up, what did you say girly?  Repeat that please?  Have you been drinking?  I know you've been drinking!  Oh no, get out!!!! Let me go look at that right now, oh no, I don't care if it's going on 1am, hahaha.  After I picked up my mouth off of the floor, I sent her a text back to agree and rolled over in bed freaking out a bit.  She was right but there was one thing on the list I wasn't sure of.  By the next morning I had my answer to that mystery though.  Now, that would be when my head really started spinning.  

What have I been doing since January of this year, now knowing what I know?  Avoiding it, running from it full throttle, throwing the idea around in my head, and oh yeaaaahhh, wishing I had added local to that list.  Te he!  Okay, but seriously, what if?  What if this person who came into my life 'just like that' is 'the one' I've been manifesting?  If they're not, I'm still good company for they're an awesome and wonderful friend.  Our energies are like no other.  Again though, WHAT IF?  Oh yes, interesting moments indeed.

Family, career, this blog, feeling great and a viable prospect (circumstances or not) of richly rewarding "bonus" happiness.  I say bonus because I'm a firm believer that one does not need another to find happiness, it comes from within.  My oh my, and it's only Spring!  Life is so, so good my friends and life is certainly abundantly blessed.  Keep believing, keep dreaming, and keep manifesting.  It's your turn to shine too!    

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