Sunday, August 18, 2013

Full Circle Living ~ A Night with Twenty12 Tribe

Full circle living is amusing and always has your full attention.  When you're in the midst of doing that which you set out upon to do, you're at a different vibration.  It's a good thing.  It's a yummy thing.  It's the moments that life is made of.  The evening of the Songs are Stories 3.0 Eye Empire Interview was one of those.  The venue, the friends, the music and the flow all combined to make a "full circle" memory.

Twenty12 Tribe

Listening to Debbie and Dave Phelps, now with Twenty12 Tribe, hanging out with friends and being "present"  sure did make for a memorable event. Deb and I go back to my early legal career, a time when we worked in crazy circumstances. A time when her mom was around too.  That bold woman that was her mother left those crazy circumstances actually. Even in the insanity of that law office, we had good times.  I'm grateful for all that I learned there for it set the foundation of the years to come.

Deb herself has been through hell and back since those times, saying goodbye to her mom because of cancer and fighting for her own life with that same monster.  There she was, up on stage doing what she loves to do, having her own full circle moment.  Just like the good ol' days when I first met her.  I like to think that each time she takes the stage doing what she loves she's reminded of everything that brought her to that moment.  Her friends Pam and Leslie were there too. How awesome for all of them, to have that evening together.  Not only am I happy for their journey, but I'm happy that Deb still is living her life on her own terms.

Way back when....Debbie and Jeff
Living life on your own terms and by intention requires daily focus and mindfulness.  It is in essence the default setting of survival.  In ancient times, if you awoke without a daily goal, purpose and plan, you didn't survive. Without a goal, a purpose and a plan one lacked shelter, food and proper choices.  While this is an obvious truth to us all, many in our times are bobbing through the current of life without them. Their survival is the result of other people's actions and not their own.  Each day we have a choice as to how we thrive.  We're lucky in that way.

From someone who has been enjoying more full circle moments as of late, my advice to you is to trust and enjoy your own journey to enlightenment.  There are no rules.  It's all simply experience.  So many people will come in and out of your life, playing their part.  Love them whether they're a page, a chapter or an era in your book of life because in the end, you're learning something from all of them.

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