Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trusting What You Know & Accepting What You Don't Know

Well, I'm sure you've noticed by now that it's been a while since I've posted anything of length here vs. the daily snippets and posts on the Facebook fan page.  I've been doing some pretty deep self evaluations this spring, settling into the new normal of my life post move.  I've processed and transcended a surprise life change in the process as well too. 

As I review the big picture of it all, it's becoming crystal clear that the root of many of my own life issues came down to one of two things.  One would be trusting what I already know to be my truths.  The other is accepting what I don't know verses continuing to try to find the answers to why things happen.

Self sabotage for instance, that annoying bad habit is always rooted in a lack of self belief of worthiness.  Not knowing one's self worth is to not trust in one's abilities, to not fully know and understand one's place on this planet.  When you don't know your own self worth you tend to settle too early on numerous important things in life.  You more often then not allow people, places, careers, etc. to choose you instead of you choosing them.  When you don't trust what you know to be your truths, your knowledge of the journey thus far, it's like being stuck on a Merry-Go-Round that you're too dizzy to get off of.  This is one of those moments in life when ignorance really would be bliss because you make yourself miserable knowing your truths but not honoring yourself trusting and acting upon them.

When you trust what you know it's easier to let go and accept that which you don't know.  You realize that you don't have to know "it" to progress through "it."  You just have to trust in the process.  Trusting in the process allows you to accept and when you accept you let go of your attachment to the outcome, thing, or person that you don't understand.  Acceptance often, if not always, equals peace as well.  Really, in this day in age, given all that we go through and put each other through as a species, why would you want to choose anything else but? 

Exactly.  Now I get it and I hope you get it too.   

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