Saturday, March 31, 2012

Truth & Consequences - Part 2

In May of 2011 I wrote a blog titled Truth & Consequences wherein I spoke about the lessons I was learning in speaking my voice.  I don't believe it was a random occurrence February 24, 2012 that I read an email inquiring about the location of the same on this blog.  Here's why.  It has been heavy on my heart what would come to transpire in my life after that blog was written.  So heavy in fact that I've mulled over this blog entry since I started it on February 24th, finally publishing it tonight, March 31, 2012 because the third part of this story is about to be published too.

Since May of 2011 the characters of my life have changed by no fault of my own.  I simply used my voice and in doing so, I weeded out people who did not want to hear the truth.  It hurt me to lose these people in the manners in which things transpired but I have no doubt that it all happened for a reason.  I believe in the pain of those choices there are still valuable lessons to be learned.  I continue to feel the shift from within that was sparked from that one defining moment forward.

As it would occur, the truth would show in time that the apologies weren't real.  By using my voice, I stood up in such a way as to not be used, victimized, or manipulated.  I wanted to continue to share what it is that I've been learning during this process of protection and transcendence, thus my part two of the original blog.

I've learned that no matter how we treat others, their actions and reactions are their own just as ours are.  Yes, this is exactly what I learned the first few months detached from what was.  I still know that fear really is false evidence appearing real and that letting go of the perceived outcome is where the healing begins.  I still know that I can love someone unconditionally, and still not allow myself or those I care about to be victimized by another person's actions and behaviors.  I've learned that love can change hearts but people change themselves.  I've learned that sometimes in life, our standing up for our truth in turn can sometimes be exactly what the other person needed to be shown the errors of their ways.  Yes, I'm still holding onto that one.  I've also continued to learn that we're not here to fix each other, we're here to teach each other.  It really is as simple as that.

I've learned that finding your truth, knowing your truth and speaking your truth is a process that doesn't and shouldn't end.  Months later I'm still working on this.  Again, just because you forgive someone in your heart for their transgressions doesn't mean you forget.  It doesn't mean you don't know your truth anymore and it doesn't mean you stop speaking that truth either.  It means that you're letting go of the negative side of the experience in favor of the positive knowledge you gained of yourself in the process.  So breathe, learn, know and embrace your truth for everything it's worth.  After all, that worth is still you.

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