Why Knowing?

"You don't need a professional background in counseling & a doctorate in the helping professions to understand the principles of effective living. You don't learn them in a classroom or a book. You learn them by being committed to your own happiness and by doing something about it."
- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Who am I?  Why am I doing this? 

For as long as I can remember I've lived a life of listening, doing my best not to judge, and loving those in my life unconditionally, even when I personally didn't listen to myself, do my best for myself or love myself unconditionally.  As a result of these traits, I've often been the 'go to friend', the 'voice of reason' or the 'one sought out for another take on things.'  I'm blessed to be trusted this much.  It took me thirty plus years of living to learn to treat myself the way I'd already been treating others.

I'm blessed to share the journey with the people in my life who are in it. Many a close friend over the years have advised me (read: nagged me about it - ha ha ha) to become something more with this effortless ability to connect and share with others.

I have a vision for this blog to not only become authored by myself, but by many who feel as strongly compelled as I do to share knowledge learned that's beneficial to the journey of life.  I see this blog taking on a life of its own where we come together, share and support each other with our lessons and outlooks on the various things that occur in our lives.  We all have so much to share, to enrich each others lives with.  By sharing what we know, we are helping each other.  We're sharing our lessons learned and our stories.  By doing so, we are reminded that we are connected as a collective consciousness of experiences.  The authentic power created by sharing the knowledge with others is a force like no other.  Try it.  I promise it'll change your life forever.

~ Nita Clewis