Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Expiration Dates

When we go to the grocery store, the FDA makes sure we know the shelf life of the goods we buy. We get a warning of what's to come and how to handle what we consume. Wouldn't it be nice if Life had the same labels for people and situations. Think about it.

How many times have you held onto people or situations in your life that were past their shelf life? Careers that were unfulfilling. The boss you worked too long with.  The bad sublet you stayed in when it would of been better to move on.  Relationships with roommates that weren't flowing.  Lovers that were toxic.  Family members who needed healthy boundaries.  Being stuck when you know the fastest way out of stuck is just acting to protect your authentic self.  Even some friendships can have a shelf life if they're not evolving, too.

Remember that reason, season, lifetime scenario? We need to stop sticking and staying by situations and people who don't bring us peace and happiness. This thing we do as humans of expanded consciousness, of guilting ourselves into loving everyone unconditionally in a way that allows them in, it has a time and a place. It's not a catch all to commit no matter what.  We need to learn how to leave situations.  We also need to learn how to leave people alone.  We can and we should separate ourselves from those not serving our greatest good.

Yes, we do learn through contrast. But, once we learn the lessons, we also must learn to leave people alone and how to let go when the situations and dynamics no longer suit us.  People should feel good.  Work should feel good.  Life, when we are thriving, it feels good. 

Stop hanging onto the "spoiled fruit." We cannot pick, hold and consume the "good fruit" when we do that. We have to decide. Decide to feel good. Decide to let go. Remember that. I love you.

- Nita Clewis
Knowing (The Blog)

Friday, January 11, 2019

Moments of Remembering

We all do it. We forget who we are. We disconnect from all that is, and things stop flowing. We stop believing. We sabotage our growth. We wade in the abyss.

Then, we remember. Life nudges through people, places, symbols, coincidences, and stuff you simply cannot ignore.

Life expands. We're given an opportunity to grow again, and to evolve past where we stumbled before.

We remember, and then we get about the business of reminding others. And, the circle continues. Contracts honored. Vibrations raised. Together.

No one does it alone. Remember that. I love you.