Friday, September 29, 2017

15 Things

Came across this a few weeks ago, and it was worth passing along. It reminded me of my using a Bible verse as a sifting and sorting standard. I hope it helps you with your own standards and self worth.

these 15 things....

1. Is he or she a good friend to his/her friends?

2. Does he or she treat others (especially his mother and sisters/her father and brothers) with kindness, love & respect?

3. Is he or she responsible?  Dependable?  Reliable?

4. Does he or she keep his/her word?

5. Can he or she work through conflicts/problems calmly to resolution?
6.  Is he or she loyal and honest?

7. Does he or she care about your feelings?

8. Is he or she consistent & emotionally stable?

9. Is he or she free of addictions?

10. Is he or she kind to you, others, children & animals?
11. Does he or she have stable income and handle his/her finances well?

12. Is he or she generous with his/her time, energy and resources?

13. Does he or she want a committed relationship?

14. Does he or she accept you the way you are and allow you to be yourself?

15. Do you enjoy each other’s company?