Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Listen & Receive - An UnCommon Touch Experience

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. – Lao Tzu
A few weeks ago I committed to that which I had been resisting.  Something that I knew within myself was going to shift things in my life.  Something I knew that I was supposed to do but wasn't ready to receive.  You see, my friend Ingrid Oliphant had been asking me for months to be her guest at one of her group energy sessions.  A few weeks ago I finally listened to my gut and committed to the same.

Since you don't know her, let me tell you about Ingrid.  I have known Ingrid for a while now, and I am well aware of the gifts of healing that God has blessed her with.  I have heard of and witnessed miraculous transformations in both companion animals, horses and humans in the rural community in which we live.  So much so that I will tell anyone who crosses my path about her, whether they are ready to receive it or not.  There are people in my circle whom she has worked with who have said nothing but positive things about her and the gifts the universe has blessed her with.  My own intuitive knowing, without having any real knowledge of energy work and/or healing in general, knew she was the real deal the moment we were introduced to each other.  I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame.  We lived in the same county for a little over a year before I moved to the neighboring one.  The first time we met I was flooded with intuitive thoughts for her.  So much so we were sitting there talking and she had to pull out a notebook to jot things down.  I have never quite experienced anything like it.  I mean, I have met people before that I recognized from another time, another place, what I term old souls reappearing on the journey.  I know what that feels like, but this wasn't that, this was different.  This was new ground for me.

Fast forward through the months, a few meetings and even a nice dinner at my house, and I finally committed myself to a group event with Ingrid.  I went into it with zero expectations or assumptions but open to receive.  I rode with her to the event and back, enjoying our normal chats about everything under the sun.  The three hours spent at the event I can't even really articulate other than to say I had a tough time turning my brain off at times.  Although I did learn that I was to follow wherever my brain went during that time, to not try to control it, before we started.  So, I went with the event and I eased into allowing myself to just be and receive whatever was going on in that room that day.  Next thing I know, our three hours are up and I'm quiet.  If you know me in real life you understand my amusement at my quietness.  I was asked by her if I had any thoughts on the experience and all I could say was Thank You.  Others in the room could articulate their experiences but I couldn't.  Even today it's not something I can really adhere words to.  I can however explain what has happened since that day.

Since that time there has been a shift within me.  Gifts I already had are amplified now and there is a type of strength within me that is growing fiercer and bolder each day that passes.  I feel lighter about many things that were heavy on my soul, as if they've been removed and are no longer there at all.  Processing it all, it felt as if someone turned a light on in a pitch black room.  At first your eyes are shocked by the light, wincing closed to it, but then you adjust as if the light was always on.  

I was continuing to process it all and absorb what I call the 'enlarged me' when I was fortunate enough to talk to someone who gave me a gentle reminder about that which I was experiencing.  Maybe I'm not supposed to process it.  Maybe I'm just supposed to let it be.  One sentence from halfway around the world shifted me right there in that moment.  Yes, I am just going to let it be.  It is what it is.  It is not supposed to be processed Nita.  Just receive it and continue on your path.  Having had that aha moment, I am here sharing the same with you.  

In closing, I'm also passing along a gentle reminder to you.  If your gut says you are supposed to be talking to someone, working with someone, doing something in your life, stop arguing with it and listen.  Stop fighting with the inspired thoughts in your head.  Trust them, act on them and receive the blessings that will follow when you do.  If you don't, you will only continue to be dissatisfied with the path.  Besides, your life is far too precious and fleeting to be discontent.

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