Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trust & Patience ~ Even When You "Know" What You Know

Even when you 'know' things, when you have strong intuitive moments, you still have to TRUST and at times, BE VERY PATIENT.  I believe that the journey is as much, if not more about the traveling to the destination than the destination itself.  Does that mean I easily accept this truth though?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  It really depends on the subject matter at hand and how attached I am to it.  I try to remember at times such as this, when I'm dealing with my attachment, how I deal with difficult people.  I then decide to carry that same thought process over to those things, places or people I have an attachment to that I am struggling with.

You see, in life we have to deal with people we wish we did not have to deal with.  When doing so I remember that I still have a choice as to how I process the same. I still get to decide what from those dealings I take forward with me into the minutes, hours and days that will follow. Having said that, this is the time to make a choice, when I must turn my mind from thoughts of angst, frustration, disgust, etc. to thoughts of gratitude. Why gratitude? Simply because 1) I don't have to deal with those dealings all of the time 2) those dealings aren't my life and 3) those I love don't have to be exposed to those dealings. I have to decide to be grateful, to just be.  After all, life, it's not so much about how we triumphantly conquer the mountains in our path but more so about how we endure the valleys in between.

When you trust in what IS, it really is easier to be patient and enjoy the journey while waiting.  So, here I am taking my mindset about difficult people and applying it to my impatience with strong intuitive moments.  I am actively and willfully detaching from the outcome that I 'know' with every fiber of my being to just 'be' in the here and now, open to all that comes my way and open to enjoying all that happens in the meanwhile.  Believe me, there is much to enjoy.

The timing of this patience and trust hurdle I know must have been scripted with my path as well.  Reason being, I had JUST taken a risk by putting myself out there, by being open, honest and vulnerable when I wrote my April 14th blog.  When I did this though, it wasn't done with the expectation or intent that I would receive in return.  I did it so that I could be real with myself and stop running from the feelings stirring within me, feelings I just couldn't keep denying.  My taking the risk, being fearless, and/or putting my cards out on the table was not about the outcome.  It was about the act itself, about pushing myself out of my self constrained comfort zone to live life 100% without regret.

Please trust in what you know, enjoy the journey and live life 100% without any regrets.  After all, the time is now, the place is here, and regrets are painful.

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