Friday, December 28, 2012

Calling it Forward ~ Live the Life You Love, Love the Life You Live

As life has evolved the past year I have certainly noticed a theme for this chapter of my life.  Truth and accountability.  I have repeatedly found myself in situations with various persons wherein I have had to examine myself, their place in my life and use my voice.  At times I have to create healthy boundaries as well, doing things that I sure didn't see coming and letting go of people whom I have loved since they were small children.  Things that hurt on so many levels but nonetheless things that had to be done for all involved.  On the other side of the hurt and action I will say there is peace.  You do however have to go through the doing to get there though.

As the new year approaches I am optimistic that as I continue to clear away that which isn't beneficial in my life that I am in turn opening up additional space for that which is.  This past year has also had within it many manifestations of things I wished to call forward in this life.  New knowledge, resources, inspiration, amazing people, fantastic memories and even a couple of candidates worthy (and not worthy) of "the list."  As many of you have told me, I probably should of put local on that "list" but it's all good really, what will be will be, in it's own time, in its own place.  I trust in that.  Who knows, that time may even be this year.

The knowledge that has come has been life changing.  It started last January with juicing raw fruits and vegetables.  It literally transformed my life and opened the door to additional food and drink intake changes. Changes that when mixed with the opportunity to frequent the local Health and Fitness Club solidified the transformation in my life that I'd been playing with for years.  For the first time in my 37 years of living my father (who compliments no one) complimented my appearance on multiple occasions.  Not that I needed his words but having them sure was the cherry on top of the sundae of life.  I am now past the half point of my self imposed goals and the best part is the changes being made are moving me in the direction of the authentic self.  The girl who loved to chase the soccer ball around the field, the girl who went away to the beach on a whim for a day or two, who traveled near and far to see the bands she loves.  Yes, and this return of authentic self all started with the vitality and energy that juicing gave me.

I also called forward more enriching relationships with friends.  New friends near and far who just make my life better because they are who they are.  Friends who make me laugh daily, who bring a smile to my face, friends whom I want to make match maker with (cough, cough, you know who you are don't you.....February 9th is coming....bahahahaha), friends who teach me new things about my evolving spirituality and paranormal abilities.  This past year I had my mind blown learning I had done something in a dream I had never even knew existed.  Had I not had the affirmation of the same, I still wouldn't believe it.  Oh yea, my head is still spinning from that experience.  Now, if I could just do it again.  And again.  And again.  Better yet, if the others involved could remember it too.  I know that part's possible, I did that as a teenager. To the person involved in this experience, thank you, you know who you are.

Our little community at Knowing has evolved as well.  We have grown from 2500 members to over 4300 in the last year, almost doubling in size.  All because we want to share and be inspired by each other.  I love this.  I learn something from each of you who open yourselves up to share things on our Facebook page.  New music, new thoughts, affirmative words.  We even have a regular contributor now, Mr. Leonard Bowles from Oregon in the United States.  It is all so yummy and exactly as I had dreamed it would be.  After much nudging this year from many of you I finally committed to organizing all of the thoughts of the past few years into a book, with the goal being publishing it on my own this coming year.  Alas, another beautiful thing in life being called forward.

Fact is, without each of you, I wouldn't be where I am today on the journey.  This past year had loss, sadness and a whole bunch of acceptance of what cannot be changed.  Through all of it, through watching children mourn the loss of their mother too soon, to letting go of the one who to me was just as my own flesh and blood, those who mattered the most stayed the course with me through the pain and brought a smile to my face.  Yes, your roles in my life, they were called forward too.  The deeper this gets, the more magical and miraculous it all seems.  Thank you.  Please, if you haven't all ready, get busy calling your own life forward.  I promise you, you will have zero regrets.  I love you.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

If Not Now, When?

Just before the Holidays I had to use my voice again. It had been a long time coming and it had been a conversation started but not finished repeatedly in the days and weeks leading up to the same. It was a conversation that had been swirling around in my head over and over again, in letters not finished and the like.  Each time before when it had started it ended in anger.  Each time I spoke the words no one else had the gumption to speak I was met with resistance.  While they were in fact my words, they weren't my sole thoughts.  Others who love the person in question had the same thoughts and questions.  The others however were bound in fear of the reaction, bound in fear of the potential loss, bound in the inability to take action on their thoughts.

Then as life would do, it got in the way.  Here I was, letter drafted and ready to send it when more negative news would come to pass the very day I was ready to put it out there.  I trust my instincts and my gut and there are times when you just can't open your mouth or send the words onto another.  This was one of those times.  I had to hold off and let life unfold.  A couple of weeks passed and then I felt the pull again to lay it all out there, to try once again to open someone's heart and eyes to the pain and hurt they were causing others.

I even thought ahead of time, is this the right time?  It's just before the Holidays.  It's post life's latest obstacle.  It's not the best time really.  Then the voice from within spoke "If Not Now, When?" and I knew it was time.  Frankly put, I could be gone tomorrow and if I don't speak my peace when it's on my heart or be the voice for the collective love of the others when called upon by spirit to do so, I'm not being true to my authentic self.

Was it easy? No. Did I get the response I was not wanting? Oh yea, big time. Their reaction was ugly and sad. Did I take their denial and crappy response personal?  Absolutely not.  Did their response change who I am or make me regret using my voice? Nope, not a chance. Why? Because in life our journey and their journeys depend on it. If we can't speak our truth we have no business being someone's friend, lover or family member. If we can't hold those accountable whom we love for their actions and try and get them to see the truth we have failed as human beings. 

We can never change another person but we can inspire them and we can decide when we distance ourselves because they're not helping themselves. It's never easy but one thing I've learned quite well the past few years is that doing this is so, so worth it. Speak your peace. Say your words. Let it go.  Stop holding your tongue, listen to your heart and use your voice.  Trust me, your being depends on it, and sometimes so does theirs. I love you. 

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Acceptance: Letting Go of the Need to Change Others

As of late I have had various conversations with friends revolving around acceptance of the fact that we cannot change other people.  Within the majority of the population is a desire to do right, to nurture, to be compassionate and to evolve into our best and highest self.  For some it is a simple as providing for ones family (blood, friends, four legged or otherwise), for others it may be a call of action to change their food supply, their country or the world through education and service to others.  No matter what our life calling is, we each have within us a spark of belonging and we each have within us the potential to shine.

Why is it then that so many of the good spirits of the world get caught up in trying to fix others, to appease them, or to change them?  Why is it so hard for many to accept that their path is theirs alone and that while we can inspire and lead others we surely cannot be the acting factor in another person's change?  I have my suspicions regarding these things.  I believe it all comes down to fear and acceptance.   

Some of my friends are stuck in this way of thinking out of fear.  They simply do not want to believe that the other person has willfully decided to be what they are.  They want to be their light, their motivating factor to change.  Far too many of us get stuck in the cycle of complaining and enduring another persons behaviors simply because of what we believe they can be.  There is an underlying wrestling from within to let go of the expectations they have for the other person.  They fear that if they do so that, that if they accept and just let that person live their life without meddling, they are in turn giving up on that person.  This could not be further from the truth. 

Letting go of our expectations for another persons evolution of self has nothing to do with their success at the same.  We can be there for those we love and not enable them, let alone lose ourselves in them.  Simply put, their will has nothing to do with how brightly our own lights shine upon them.  Their will is theirs and theirs alone.

A few of my friends wrestle with trying to get others to understand their own more evolved thoughts and decision making patterns.  They simply want the other people to see it like they see it, to understand their way of thinking.  They get so frustrated that those whom they wish to share their lives with are on what I term "the wrong playing field involved in another game of life." 

Again, we cannot control the people in our lives.  It is a fruitless waste of our energies to fret over what they are doing (or not doing) in their own journeys.  We can only accept where they are, who they are and go about the business of living our own lives as best we see fit.  It is their path to navigate and transcend just as your path is uniquely yours to do the same.

Really, all of life boils down to acceptance.  We all desire to be accepted for who we are, not where we have been or the promise of where we may go.  We all wish to be acknowledged and cherished for that which is uniquely our own.  I promise you this, the best decision you'll ever make in life is to accept and let go of that which you cannot control.  Life is just too beautiful, precious and fleeting to waste time playing the game of trying to change others.  Trust me, it will not happen. 

The power to change never was yours to give them in the first place you see, it was always their own doing to discover and act upon.  The sooner you get this fact, the sooner you will procure contentment and happiness in your own journey.  In the end, the only people we have control over is ourselves.  Remember that.  I love you.
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