Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inspired Thought: Think About the Possibilities

As time has passed I've been reminded repeatedly that one must act on inspired thought. Inspired thought is what comes from listening to yourself and the promptings of your own 'knowing' from within.  Amazing things happen in life when you listen and take action in your life on inspired thought.  Some of those things can be so small that you don't notice them until they build upon each other.  Others are so big that you can't help but notice and be left in awe when they come.  Oh, and I'm not talking about things for you so much as things for others in your life.  Last month I was reminded of the long term effects of acting on inspired thought.  I shared that story one day as a post on the Facebook fan page but it also shared herein later.  I'm hoping that by my sharing this story with you again that you'll really get what I'm trying to say here about listening and taking action on your inspired thoughts. 

In that I spent far too many years not acting on inspired thoughts myself, I also feel that it's important to share with you the flip side of life regarding the same.  Choosing not to listen to yourself, choosing not to take action in your life on inspired thoughts or any other thought for that matter that will serve yours or someone else's greater good is in my opinion a tragedy.  A tragedy because time passes no matter what and if you're not living your authentic life you're hurting not only yourself but those around you by not allowing yourself to be all that you are and can be.  Not listening to yourself creates misery, a feeling of being stuck, feelings of hopelessness and forever breeds negativity.  Not living an authentic life can be toxic and draining.  Think about it, if someone in your life always let you down, always lied to you, didn't come through when promised and wasn't good to you as much as they could be, putting you down with negative thoughts and words, would you be friends with them? HECK NO!  Then why is it okay to do that crap to ourselves?  It's not and that's the problem my friends.

What happens when people listen to their inspired thoughts?  They seek help for substance abuse problems and stop running from their problems or numbing them, they find hope and faith where there was once only despair and agony, they walk away from abusive relationships in their lives and learn how to expect non-abusive ones, and they nurture their mental and physical health (and their families mental and physical health) verses slowly killing themselves via bad habits and thoughts.  When people listen to their inspired thoughts anything can happen and truly the limits are endless.  How endless?  Well, here's my story of inspired action from the past that was posted last month on Facebook.

An old friend celebrated his 40th birthday and I was reminded yet again of the importance of how our "listening" in life leads to inspired thought. One day, back in either 1996 or maybe 97, while I was 'listening' to a conversation this old friend and I were having on my front porch in the warm sun, I felt the desire from within to 'act' on something I didn't quite understand. I'd decided to introduce my friend to my beautiful, single, self sufficient neighbor down the street. My brain was even making negative assumptions about it that weren't supportive to the "listening," i.e. he's not her type, etc. Despite this, my inner voice kept nudging me along. The nudge was so strong that I would find myself reassuring him of the introduction when he himself had the same self doubts and questions. I also had to make it a point to reassure the neighbor that I had no interest in him myself (although at one point I thought I did and she knew that) and that I was completely on board with their getting to know each other better. Fast forward to today and they are happily married with two beautiful children. I could never see them with anyone else.  It blows me away to see what has transpired between them over the years and the lovely life they've built together since meeting so long ago.  So yes, listen. You never know what or who those inspired thoughts might lead to or how your own inspired action will serve another on their journey. 

If you're reading this and your mind is filled with doubts and negative why nots, remember this....there are so many things in this world that we have no control over. There are going to be times that we'll be pushed to the brink of our resolve and times when we will come back stronger and better having gone there. You can't resist. Remember, resistance is futile. It's a waste of your energy. You have to trust in the process and take each moment of life as it comes. You have to let go. You have to go about life and just be. Is it easy? No, it's a process but it is a process that can be done.

I like to believe that a tranquil existence is a choice. While there will always be outside circumstances upsetting our apple cart, we still have the choice as to how we react. Does that mean that one simple choice equals tranquility and authentic living? No, it's more of a series of choices gaining momentum to create the desired result of an authentic life. Does that mean that there isn't pain, loss or despair within those choices? No. More often than not there is.

I know this much though, when the time does come and you are making a choice for your life towards listening to yourself to have tranquility and an authentic life, you will find yourself often in resistance. Once you conquer that resistance there comes an amazing lightening of the self. Think of the weight of the world is off of your shoulder moments in life. The moment you let go of the power that the choice had over you, the moment you let go of your attachment to the unknown outcome of the same, when you know that the choice you are making is truly is going to benefit your evolution of the self, that's the moment you are free. It's so worth it. You are so worth it. Let go of what was not serving your authentic life today and decide to start listening and taking inspired action in your life.

And lastly, as you go through this process of listening and acting on inspired thoughts remember your ABCs...

"(A) Accept that whatever is going on 'is what it is', (B) Be present in where you are or in what you're doing at the moment you're resisting, and then (C) Choose gratitude, even if you have to reach outside of the situation at hand to something else.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Voice From Within - Listen to It

You have but one voice and you have but one life.  Which direction will you go? What will you decide to do? Will you speak your truth?  Decide, don't decide, they're both your choices. No one decides for you. It's up to you. Stop running from it, stop putting it off, stop worrying about it, stop doubting it and just choose. Again, there are no wrong answers nor are there any wrong paths.

Now, this doesn't mean we don't sometimes decide things against our better interests or against the voice of the spirit from within. Call it whatever you want to call it; don't get hung up on my label of it as the 'spirit from within.' Some call it God. Others call it Spirit, conscious, being, personality, thought, or your brain. It doesn't matter. If you take away the label of that voice from within you still find that the voice is yours and that the voice affects your life. So, you might as well pay attention to it and make a decision.

Of course there will be times in life when you won't know the answers to the questions you seek, when you'll have to let go and act in courage, resiliency, and/or faith. There will be times when you'll have thought you had the answers only to find out you were mislead. There are even going to be times during the journey when you will want to know why or how, when you'll reach for understanding and strive for acceptance and yes, there are also moments when the False Evidence Appearing Real (read: FEAR) will lock your spirit up and hold it hostage.

Try and remember to trust in the process. Listen to your heart. Know your reasons. Make a decision to act and use your voice. There is no wrong answer, nor is there a wrong direction. Every experience we encounter has within it knowledge to be gained.  I want you to remember that you have a right to stand up for what you believe in, that you have a right to think the thoughts you do & experience life the way that you want to. Don't ever forget that. Do not for one moment let another person's dislike, anger or threats about it change who you are or what you believe in. You have just as much a right to be the way you are as they have the right to not be the way you are. One may act without acceptance & grace but that doesn't mean you have to go along with it. It's your life. You choose.

Ah yes, of course it's there again....choices.....we are faced with them every day, all day long. Some are easy or automatic, some are hard and drawn out. Either way, they do have the capacity to build upon each other and create circumstances in our lives that we're either going to be grateful for or find discontent in. When it comes to the hard choices, how do we know we are making right decisions for ourselves? By listening and gathering information. Admit it or not, there is a place within each of us that 'knows' what is best for us. When we don't listen to it our lives just don't have the best energy they can have, and we don't shine like we're supposed to. When we do listen to it, it's the exact opposite. It's no different using your voice.  When we make the right choices for ourselves, when we use our voice, we are living our authentic lives. I say authentic because we are being true to who we are verses being true to the ideals of the world or others. Again, when you're making right choices, you will know it and when you're making wrong ones, you'll find that your own conscious and the energy that is life will continue to persist upon you until you change course.

When all is said and done, only what you believe will matter. When all have come and gone, only you will be left to hold yourself up and move forward on your path in life. Take time for yourself to learn who you are, to know what matters and to listen to yourself.  Learn to know your truth. Learn to use your voice.  Do not dread or fear the consequences of either. It's your journey and you owe it to yourself to do both.  Like it or not, no one else can do it for you. It's just you. Time is of the essence. Start right here, start right now.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Acceptance & Transcendence: Overcoming the Unknown

Know this, there will be times in life when we just won't understand another person's behavior. We'll struggle with it, we'll grasp at straws trying to make sense of it, and we'll talk about it with everyone in our circle trying to figure it out but we still won't understand it. The reality is that there are some situations in life we are not supposed to understand, we're just supposed to overcome them. Please remember this the next time someone or something outside of yourself blind sides you with perplexing actions or behavior. Let their journey be theirs and keep moving forward on yours. You really don't have to understand it to overcome it.  I know that's hard to accept at first but it is true.

You also owe it to yourself to not beat yourself up for the 'time wasted' on a person, place or thing along the journey. Out of every experience comes knowledge and lessons. Let go of the time lost, let go of the expectations you had that didn't come to pass, let go of that which did not happen and let go of giving yourself grief for any or all of the above. Take the lesson(s) and move forward.  Allow yourself to come back and be present in today.  This is the moment you have and now is the only time that matters.  Believe in your journey and go towards the path that serves our authentic self.

As you go forward don't forget to question your method of life.  Be present in your choices. What are you choosing? What thoughts are you putting out there? Review, reflect and rejoice. Again, it's your journey and you deserve to experience happiness, love, triumph and transcendence over that which is not serving your time here. Lift up yourself and just Today is that day and now is that time. You're not alone, we've all been there at some point or another. It's okay, it will serve a greater good within yourself sooner or later, so go ahead, choose your path and go. 

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