Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God's Valentine to Me

The Law of Attraction, it is something that I make time for in my day to day living.  I have a sincere respect for it.  The roots of "believing" and "calling upon and acting as if things are already present" goes back thousands of years.  Many a man and woman have written about it, including various philosophies and religions around the world.  It is just one of those indisputable laws of life, like the law of gravity. 

I practice it in the choices of the words I use, the images I look at, and the affirmations I speak daily.  It is not only weaved through out my day in that manner, it is also part of my conversations with God through prayer.  Despite all of this involvement with it, I am still surprised when that which I am affirming develops and comes to pass.  The latest example of this would be my thoughts about this year's Valentine's Day.  To understand the beauty of what happened, it would probably be helpful to share some personal history with you about the subject.

Valentine's Day to me is about love in general.  I have fond memories of exchanging cards in grammar school, buying fundraiser carnations for friends and crushes in middle school at Hayfield, and of sentimental moments in high school with lovers and friends.  My mom always made the day special growing up too, giving me some token of affection each February to show her love to me through the symbolism of the day.  As an adult though, I do not have many fond memories of the day.  I remember two or three of them where the person I was with acknowledged the day and sought to make it special with a card or my favorite chocolate.  This, despite the majority of my adult years being with significant others.  However, even with that disconnect with those persons, I always sought to make it special for my son and for the years I was with my step-daughter, her as well.  I like to think that as I miss her this year that she's remembering all of our Valentine's past, especially considering that this girl loves love as much as I do.  I am hopeful that she continues to live her life with her heart wide open, unscarred by the negativeness that surrounds her.  I'm also hopeful that despite the storms of her life, that she knows God and I's unconditional love for her.

As for how I celebrate the holiday in the present, the last few years of single life have revolved around love of myself, my family and my friends.  Do I wish to share the day with someone that meets the qualities of my "list?"  Sure, you betcha.  Am I ready for such a thing yet?  Um, no, not really.  As for that "list" I speak of, that's another topic for another day.  Accepting this truth and wanting to create a wonderful day nonetheless, I moved forward with the universe seeking two things to manifest...flowers and chocolate candy...and I don't even eat candy anymore.  I was affirming how happy and grateful I was for a Valentine from an unconditional source of love.  I was looking to God to create something magical for where I am on the journey right now.  So, what happened?  How did I end up with what I term a Valentine from God?

I was at a regional training for work Saturday.  These events always include a door raffle with the prizes awarded being books and supplies that we use for our business.  I was blessed to have my number called and win a Robert Kiyosaki book at that last one I attended so I wasn't expecting for lighting to strike twice.  Little did I know what was in store for me.  I won alright.  The prize?  A plastic light up flashing rose and a small heart shaped box of chocolates (which my son will be happy to receive here very soon, pictured above).  I just had to burst out laughing at what transpired.  Unbelievable and exactly what I intended, and in a way I certainly didn't see coming.  

Happy Valentine's Day to me alright and Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.  If you don't have family, friends or a significant other that loves you unconditionally, know that God does.  If you are missing someone like I am missing my girl, know that I'm thinking of you and sending you love wherever you are.  In closing, if no one told you they love you today, receive it right now, right here, from me.  I love you.  You are precious.  You are beautiful and most of all, you are so worth the fight.

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