Saturday, July 17, 2010

Your Closest Friend

Am I the only one who seems to routinely place others needs ahead of their own?  No.  Is this a parenting phenomenon?  Maybe.  A woman thing?  Most certainly.  Exclusive to women?  Not exactly.

I recently had a conversation with my dear friend Angel Shannon and we were discussing this awakening that appears to happen to women in their 30s.  How we as women seem to wake up, take notice, conduct inventory and clean out our lives.  It is almost as automatic as nesting when we are pregnant.  We just do it, full tilt, without apologies and without looking back.  Here I am at 35, finally peeling away my own layers the past few years, listening to the calls from within.  Listening and taking action.  It is a powerful thing, to put yourself first, to take notice and inventory.  You just get to this point where you realize what truly matters.  You learn to let go of what does not and you walk strongly forward into the unknown, looking forward to it.  As my friend said so nicely, you're standing in your own two feet basically, in your place in the world.

Do you have any idea how many women I know complain that it took to their 30s to just 'get it', for it all to make sense?  They wish they'd not lost their 20s, etc., the time spent (considered wasted), etc.  HELLO!  If you did not have all those experiences who's to say the 'click' would have come?  So, be GRATEFUL for all of it, even the BS.  It somehow brought you to the 30s point of no surrender.

My friend has already passed this stage but she said she has many clients who are in the throws of it.  I would learn that after these awakened 30s comes the tell it like it is/no apologies/scream it from the roof tops 40s.  Heh, yeah, I've noticed family members in their 40s acting just like this.  (Chuckle, it all makes perfect sense now...and I thought it was menopause....)  If this is the case, watch out world, I'm going to be a lot to handle.  I feel sort of envious of my future self.

Think about this, how many of us give advice to those we care about that we ourselves DO NOT follow?  Yeah, exactly.  Thus it is imperative to nurture your closest friend first and that friend is YOU.  Trust me, as someone who has been there and done that, it is not until you honor yourself FIRST that you find and unlock the mystery of never ending abundance with others.  We have all heard it, you can not give what you do not have.  No matter how much you want to.  Fundamental inescapable life law.

So, take a deep breath and promise to spend some quality time with yourself today.  15 minutes.  That's all it takes to start the process of becoming friends with yourself.  Let me know how it goes. ;)

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