Friday, July 23, 2010

Want vs. Need

This has been a tough couple of weeks for me in the want vs. need department of life.  I have reached some pretty important milestones in my life and there are opportunities around me to grow and stretch further towards other goals and desires.  As a result of all these options, I once again feel the need to keep in perspective balance and when trying to prioritize all of it, WANT vs. NEED!  Ugh, where's my easy button when I need it?  I know, I know, sometimes things are not easy, they're not supposed to be.

Many of those who know me well (sometimes better then I know myself because they can see what I am too close to see) say I have a tendency to 'over think' things.  Me?  Over think?  Really?  What types of things do I over think? Typically major decisions.  Yet it doesn't stop there, I have been known to think 'natural' things, i.e. relationships, respect, love, etc.  Interesting....okay, I see it, really I do....I AM AN OVER THINKER!

What does this mean exactly?  My first guess would be that I have yet to get to the point in the journey where I have fail proof self confidence and self belief in my choices.  My second guess would be fear (evil word) of making a mistake.  That is when I have to remind myself that I am from the universe, one with the universe and that I have an abundance of knowledge from the universe.  It is also when I have to remind myself that there are no mistakes, only lessons.  Nonetheless, this over thinking issue IS a work in progress. ;)

Bottom line, I think that you really have to be mindful when trying to balance in life want vs. need because if you don't, you will just risk creating more problems down the road of the journey.  Every moment we have choices to make.  We should not live our lives on auto-pilot with those choices.  Is it easy to be mindful? No!  Is it worth it? Yes!

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