Monday, July 12, 2010

Inspired Action

Have you ever noticed how your mind wanders a lot?  How sometimes it feels like your brain is on auto-pilot?  I have read a lot of authors on the subject of your thoughts and what they lead to.  Many are familiar with The Secret and the basic law of attraction.  Some have learned the art of being present as taught by Eckhart Tolle.  It seems that in life, the energy of our thoughts and the thoughts of others can be felt everywhere.  So it is that I've been reminded yet again of the importance of acting on inspired thoughts.

What is an inspired thought?  I guess I could define it as any thought that is beneficial, that serves your or someone else's journey here in a positive way.  I've noticed in life that when you act on these thoughts and follow through, that there is ALWAYS something you needed, they needed, etc. in store for you.  Also, when you're acting on inspiration it feels effortless after the jump.  The jump being that sometimes uncomfortable place of reaching out, stepping out of your comfort zone, etc.  This is one of those blog posts that have a vision of being interactive.  I want others to tell their stories of moments where they took inspired action and what came of it.  So please chime in under the comments (until I learn how to set up this blog to be more interactive the way I see it in my head).

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