Thursday, January 16, 2014

Removing the Mask

In the midst of mourning Thomas, the Holidays and the New Year, many awe inspiring moments happened. Before delving into the most magical of all moments thus far that happened this past week, here's a bullet list of sorts of what has been rocking my world lately.

  • Thomas Grant IV making appearances from the other side by way of moved objects and documented orbs
  • Another entity from the other side making repeated appearances seeking a connection to someone they care for (basically continually nudging on me to reach out but having zero here and now knowledge as to why until after the fact)
  • Getting "downloads" of information about people I know and having that information validated within hours to days versus months or years as was prior in these experiences
  • Various visual and auditory phenomenon 

To say it's been a wild ride would be a serious understatement.  Being open is one thing in life.  Being open and having a slew of things come in at once and turn life up a notch is entirely another.  Now that you have an understanding as to what's been going on with that side of my life, you can better appreciate what came next.

A phone call.  An overdue catching up with a dear friend I've shared with you before. Someone I've had the pleasure to get to know better the past few years from my soccer and school girl days.  Someone I've watched blossom from afar and transform their life from existing and self medicating to full force let your light shine living.  The woman she was on that call this week created a reaction in me that I truly didn't see coming.  I was smiling from ear to ear listening, eyes welled up with joy and tears of love and relief flowing.  

My friend has removed the mask and behind it is one of the most humble, ego free, love one another and be a light to others people I've ever met.  In fact, the light within her that's expanding is doing so in such a way that I believe this entire transformation is modifying the trajectory of her life.  There was a peacefulness in her being that was undeniable.  Her words and thoughts flowed from her higher self.  It was without a doubt the most impactful moment in my life that can be connected to this blog.  You see, it was this part of my life that connected us to begin with.  Without Knowing, there wouldn't of been the friendship.

What did I learn from that call?  What rocked my world so hard?  Two things:  Reciprocation does exist and affirmation.  

Affirmation that I know what I know and I don't need to be weary of it or disregarding of it.  I don't even have to label it.  It just is.  I'm not a medium.  I'm not a psychic.  I'm not a fortune teller.  What I am is a highly tuned in metaphysical misfit who is an intuitive channel of information for others.  By crossing the abyss and acting on inspired thoughts, a chain of events happened that eventually changed her life forever.  I knew as soon as I hung up the phone that I simply don't need to pay any more energy to thoughts of wondering what others may or may not think of these things I "know" but can't explain how I know them.  Those days are over and they are behind me.  The next chapter is here and I'm accepting it for what it is, even if each day it blows my mind just a little bit more.

Her call reminded me that what we pour into others is in turn is poured into us.  My friend, one of my most vocal Knowing (The Blog) cheerleaders (why aren't you doing something more with this, public speaking, YouTube, coaching, seminars, etc.) whom I gave every bit of my own light these past few years reflected it right back onto me from her evolved self.  What started as a phone call from her for help and a compassionate ear so long ago has now birthed itself into something far greater than either of us could ever have imagined.  

My friend is affirmation that people can do hard things.  That we can face our darkest moments and decide to shine anyway.  That we're human and fallible.  That within that fallibility there is beauty, grace and hope. Thank you for taking off your mask sweet girl. You didn't know it at the time, but your very transformation and evolution removed mine too.  I love you.

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