Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Next Chapter - I've Lost My Yoda

Whenever something negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it. 
— Eckhart Tolle

I spent earlier this week doing exactly as my teacher would of wanted me to do, listening. Since my best friend and kindred soul Thomas passed, I've been rediscovering conversations and moments we had together these last few months.  One thing I know for sure looking back is that he was at peace and that he was ready to evolve to the next level.  It was his most important quest at the moment.  Every discussion centered around his spiritual development.  Even his last conversation was about the meaning of life.

Intuitively, at the soul level, I am certain he knew his time to depart us was near.  Too many of us now see the subliminal signs.  We are grateful for our talks with our friend, with the clarity that we gave each other this last year as he waited for a bone marrow transplant.  He had a match but sadly, the match didn't want to do it.  He even found peace with that.  Can you imagine carrying that with you, the knowing that you had a chance at life but facing your own mortality anyway?  Yes, Thomas taught us each so much.  No matter what he was facing or what we were facing, he always had a calmness about him.  His favorite two words as shared by his best friend Brian Lewis last night, "no worries."

This week started with those words in my head.  Monday began with an "unplanned by us but planned by Thomas" diversion.  By the time the day ended, I was in utter awe at what came to pass.  Thank you Lynn and Josh for being a part of it.  In fact, the entire week has had its interesting moments.  All of us have been in contact him since he's crossed over in one form or another and to be able to do that is a beautiful thing in and of itself.

Today's share at Knowing is about the perspective of this loss in my life and in the evolution of Knowing (The Blog).  As I said earlier, Thomas was a great sharer of the knowledge of life.  Many a deep and philosophical discussions occurred between us.  In reflecting upon these things, my best friend Josh whom I spent the afternoon with Monday had this wonderful observation.  

In the Star Wars films, Luke had to face the loss of his mentors in order to graduate to the next level.  Not once, but twice in his own journey in the films.  This is what is happening to all of us whom Thomas touched.  We have lost our Yoda in the physical form.  Thomas taught us all that we needed to receive so he has moved on.  It's now our journey to carry it forward into life and remember.   You see, in Star Wars, when a Jedi master becomes one with The Force they die.  Their spirit becomes part of "The Force."  Once the master has joined The Force they can then return in spirit form to guide their apprentice.  Honestly, for our fellow Star Wars geek Thomas, Josh couldn't of used a better analogy.  Josh got to share this story when Thomas's tribe gathered together to celebrate him last night after the funeral.  It was deep, it was raw, and it was moving.

So yes, I've lost Yoda.  We've all lost our Yoda.  Yet, this is not the end.
No worries.


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