Sunday, November 10, 2013

Following One's Way - The Teacher

The act of being brave has paid off a few times over these past 38 years.  Life often has a reciprocity of said things.  By trusting and following a new path in life, I left behind the known that wasn't working in my life for the unknown of endless possibilities.  I was at a crossroads in 2009.  By fall 2010 I'd created this sacred place of renewal, of hope and of strength going forward.  This was the time period when Knowing started as well.

Although I was broken into a few pieces following years of mental anguish, I was whole enough to carry forward, to remember who I was before that pain.  That light pushed out the darkness and once I was free again to thrive, I started making choices that would serve my highest good.  In that like attracts like, it was only fitting that it is at this time that my closest friend would appear and become my greatest teacher in remembering.  That move away from what wasn't serving me into creating a healthy environment of what would serve me set into motion a series of events that have given me some of the best years of my adult life.  As a result of that about face on the journey, I made choices that would allow me to cross paths one night with my first teacher of the metaphysical.

I was at a function for work, an exercise in commitment to myself to leave no stone unturned.  I was doing as I was asked to do, plugging in and playing team.  Interesting about that evening was that I almost didn't go.  I remember sending a message stating that I would be arriving late and apologizing for the same.  I'd been at my mom's in Rappahannock that afternoon helping her and my grandfather.  A perk of living where I live is that I can be there when it matters within minutes.  Just a desire to give back that which I've been given.

I arrived late, walked in and towards the front of the room to have a seat in front of someone I'd not seen there before.  That person is Thomas Grant, IV.  A young man who introduced himself after the meeting and whom I would develop a working relationship with in the near future.  I remember sitting there as if it was just hours ago, feeling his energy, knowing him from before our physical form.  I've met very few people this lifetime who I resonate with from the first moment we see each other but when it has happened, they've always played a roll they were meant to have.  Thomas was one of those people. 

From that chance meeting, a friendship would build that would warrant itself one of the bests of this lifetime.  I say chance because it was an odd night for him to get out of his regular work in the city and make it out here for an evening event.  Oh yes, chance.  The one thing I've learned really doesn't exist.  :) 

All because I dared to jump.  All because I chose to believe.

Yesterday we suddenly lost my friend Thomas Grant IV.  He was my confidant, a frequent fixture in my home.  He was the trusted kind of friend, the kind you don't even question giving an extra house key to.  Once a colleague and eventually a brother.  A light of wisdom, a seeker of truth and a lover of music.  A man who despite his long physical suffering strived to grow and become all that he could.

His mission was to be and by becoming he passed along what he learned on the path.  The last year of his life we took it to another level, meeting each week to do focused work in expanding our highest selves.  Who I am today as a person, a writer and an intuitive is connected deep in the knowledge gained through our friendship and our weekly metaphysical class.  Who he was when he departed was a man of deep gratitude to all who served as his teachers as well.  That was the beauty of our friendship, of our times together.  Everything we exchanged was electric and of a magnitude unlike any other.  The people in our circle are just as in tune to what we're doing.  We will each carry his torch forward through the pain of the physical loss and remember all that we learned because of our bond.  The work is not done.  Thomas is simply now participating from the other side and in the end, that may be his greatest gift yet.

Indeed, this is just the beginning.  Not just for this chapter but for all things Knowing going forward.  I've longed to bring to you the lessons of class, of what truths we are being enlightened to, of the lessons we are learning in our own journeys.  Thomas always supported this and was a large part of the tech side of my vision here as well.  So, as I give thanks to my teacher and best friend expect to get to know him more going forward.  There's so much to write about and share.  Tonight is about the gratitude, about taking the love and the lessons forward.  Tonight is about saying thank you to my fellow teacher.  I will forever be indebted to him.

In closing this introduction to Thomas, I want to share with you what we touched on in our last class.  It was a follow up to a prior discussion about the Hawaiian saying Ho'oponopono.  It literally means (as written from my notes) "I love you. I'm sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you."  I have included a hyper-link at the word Ho'oponopono above so that you can learn more.  Another seminar of the speaker at the link was actually one of my last shares from Thomas as well.  Incredibly grateful to be able to share it now with you.

I love you.

Thomas making us laugh after class
as we celebrated Josh's birthday this summer.

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