Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lessons Learned & Taught - Everything You Need to Know

Within the struggle you discover the appreciation.  
Within the darkness you learn to want the light.  
Within the broken pieces of what was, you realize what wasn't.  

Each experience here has a purpose.  Each person has a gift.  Sometimes the people in our lives and the presents they share aren't exactly peachy.  Sometimes, yes, they stink!  Yet they are still there as part of our experience, to serve our greater goods.  Why?  Because they're teaching us lessons.  They're teaching us to appreciate and recognize our blessings.  If it wasn't for the bad apples in the bushel of life we'd never truly appreciate the good ones.

Each of us go through trials and tribulations; some of us more so than others.  We all understand at some point what grief is.  We all know what it is to feel loss and to know love. We all desire to be acknowledged, to be heard and to be respected.  The core of who we are wants nothing more than serenity.  When we feel off, when we feel out of balance, it can take its toll.  It can manifest itself by way of illness, emotional distress or misery just to name a few.  

Think about it.  Is whatever it is that you're holding onto worth that toll?  Is the being stuck in the past, in the what wasn't or what was but for a little while worth it?  Why rob yourself from all that you can create now by continuing to allow it to have a hold on you?  

What we experience isn't our identity.  It's just knowledge.  It's what we do with that knowledge that becomes our identity.

See the secret there?  It's in the choice.  The choice to hold onto those thoughts that don't serve your greater good.  The choice to know better, want better and deserve better.  The choice to let go.  The choice to be present in the here and now.  The choice to shine.

My life, your life, their life; we all have a place here to shine.  Never underestimate your roll in the big picture of someone else's life.  Never take for granted all of the players acting out their roll in yours.  After all, the way I see it, we picked them and they picked us so we have no choice but to look upon them and say to ourselves "thank you." Remember that.  I love you.

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