Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Golden Rule Living & Your Dominant Thoughts

An interesting series of conversations with friends has transpired this last twenty-four hours.  Centering around acceptance of our paths and the power of our intentions we have discussed kindness, gratitude, happiness and the things that really matter in life such as respect, family and friendship.  I'd like to share the commonalities of each for I truly believe the universe has a message for all of us in them.

Lets start with kindness.  Kindness in my opinion is simply golden rule living.  You see, The Golden Rule, it is the foundation of all universal life laws.  By doing onto others as we would have them do onto us, we are sewing seeds in the universe of kindness, respect, appreciation, and love.  All too often though, as we navigate the journey, we have noticed that we are surrounded though by the exact opposite of the golden rule.  

I see it all the time when out and about in the day to day activity of living.  People are in a rush, they cut each other off in traffic, race to be first to the ATM, speak before thinking about their words and are selfish in their motives.  Just yesterday I saw where my friends daughter called out someone on Facebook who'd taken a handicapped parking space who wasn't handicapped, simply to beat her to the ATM machine.  I mean really, what was so important to not park in the next space over?

It is as if those acting rude and not in kindness are also acting out of fear of loss.  Fear that if they're not first, that if they're not tartly spoken, etc. that somehow they're going to miss out on something.  Worst yet, a portion of society acts this way in pursuit of success.  This simply isn't true though.  When we act in kindness and sew the seeds of good deeds we are putting a frequency into the universe of the same which in turn opens us to receive through the universal law of attraction.

Take for instance my one friend who has been giving his time to his friends and family to do good deeds that the universe has put upon his heart.  He could instead decide to put that time into his career and work but he instead wishes to be a servant leader to his family member and a selfless friend in the mix of his daily responsibilities.  Sadly though, the majority of society does not operate at this level.  People are so out of balance.  They take, take and take some more without giving back that which they are capable of, not realizing that by having predominant thoughts of taking they are simply creating that "it's never enough" "we need something better, something more" sense of lack.   

By finding gratitude for everything we are blessed with we are also opening up ourselves to the frequency of abundance and success as well.  Ever notice how much those people who aren't grateful suck the life out of you whereas those people who are grateful give you energy?  Think about your colleagues, your friendships and your family.  How does each person make you feel when you're interacting with them?  See, it really is that simple.  This is why it's so important to pay attention to the energy around you as well as the energy you're giving out to others.

If you're working in a profession that leaves you without energy, one that creates an imbalance in your family life, your friendships and your love life, then you need to pay attention to that lack of energy.  If you are chasing after tangible things so fiercely that you're missing out on what really matters, then you need to pay attention to that loss.  Creating a life that gives you the success you seek and the feelings you wish to experience truly does come down to your predominant thoughts, as well as your taking action on those thoughts.

As my second friend I spoke to will tell you, life is too precious and fleeting to dwell on the past.  By doing so, you allow yourself to stay victim to it.  By instead turning your energies to creating that which you do want, you will find in your path people, places and opportunities that will give you the same.  She knows, she's doing it right now and as she says, it seems like it is so easy when it does come.  When we select verses settle the types of success we experience in life and strive to have the balance associated with the same, we are in turn creating our happiness.  

Really, at the end of the journey, what's going to matter anyway?  The peacefulness of knowing that the life you created was balanced, one where you lived the Golden Rule and creating abundance because of good deeds or will it be a life of emptiness and of the pain of regret, of loss and of never good enough attitudes that hurt others along the journey?  Take the time, be kind, reach out, be of service to each other and create success through listening and acting on your callings to do the same.

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