Saturday, March 31, 2012

Truth & Consequences - Part 3 - Full Circle

The day I held as a vision that finally came to pass.  My son being reunited with his big sister.

It never ceases to amaze me as to how much we grow during hardships and how resilient we truly are when facing adversity.  At approximately this time last year, my life was torn apart.  Despite its circumstances, I still had to suck it up and go about the business of living.  I still had to be a parent to my child, build a business in an economy full of hardships, and keep the faith, hope and core being of who I was intact.  I was facing the circumstances that tore me apart because of one simple thing…. I was choosing to use my voice.  

March 5, 2012, it all changed.  It was a chilly Monday morning with cars covered in snow.  I even took a picture of the side porch and back yard with its last bit of winter.  Ha! Winter! What’s that?  Fall and winter 2011/2012 were abnormally warm and trust me, for someone who hates the cold, well received.   Mondays, wouldn’t you know it….I have been affirming Mondays for months.  When you love your work, greeting it on a Monday is not a big deal.  My Mondays as of late are filled with fun.  I host a luncheon in my town where I present my company’s services and opportunity, participate in training with our international team and set the pace of the week ahead for my business.  Monday, March 5th would be different though.  I participated in all of my normal Monday activities but this Monday, this would be the day it all came full circle.

A little background on that day for it had its share of trials and tribulations.  It was definitely a day in the making.  In the spring of 2011, I wrote and published some content about using one’s voice, about transcending the fall out of the same, about sticking to your guns and being who you are no matter what.  I was really struggling then to stand in who I was against someone who hated every fiber of my being and what I was standing for.  I knew what I was doing was right though.  So much so that I had to find peace with the threat of having someone I love taken away from me, someone innocent in that struggle. 

I knew I did not have control over another person’s actions.  I also knew that I did have control over mine.  Sometimes we do things in life we do not want to do because we know it is the right thing to do.  Sometimes we just have to do the right thing over the easy or passive thing.  There was collateral damage for using my voice in the spring of 2011, for standing in my authority, and for loving unconditionally.  That collateral damage was my stepdaughter, or as I tell her, my daughter from the universe whom I had mothered and loved since she was a little girl over a decade ago.

Summer 2011 would be the last time I spoke to her and saw her because of those circumstances beyond our control.  Mother’s Day weekend 2011 would be the last time my son spoke to her or saw her too.  A moment of anger, mixed with a moment of rebellion and continuing crashing of ideals between adults and there was no hope of anything different at that time.  We all paid the price from that point forward.  It was then that I had to fight to let go and really trust in the process of life.  I had to know that it was not in vain and the loss and pain my family was going through would not be the end of this chapter.  I accepted what was but I did not lose hope and I never, ever quit.  Yes, I accepted but I did not passively roll over and relent.

Through the months that passed, I learned each day just how strong I am.  I learned how to seek comfort, to seek help, and to receive another person’s grace in my life.  I learned to listen to the whispers of the Universe.  I learned to act on those whispers as well.  July 1, 2011 through March 5, 2012, I kept the faith, no matter what happened in our lives.  I always believed and I acted daily as if those beliefs already were.  I processed often my son’s words of missing her.  I talked about her and thought of her daily.  I truly mourned her not being in our lives.  We all did.

Then it happened, a comment from a friend and colleague (read:  inspired thought in action), a stepping out of my comfort zone, and a swift and sweeping move of fate that was no doubt in my mind, a miracle.  Four days before March 5, I took a risk as I followed up with my preexisting persistence.   Four days, that is how quickly life can turn around and leave you in awe.  The dots connected and life unfolded.  What happened after I’d checked up on her at school that Thursday prior? (I told you I didn’t quit.)

My phone rang and it was my stepdaughter.  The tears flowed, words healed and the truths that were hidden from her were revealed.  Thirty minutes later, I was to meet a new colleague and give a presentation.  How I pulled that off is still beyond me for my head was racing given the sudden change of events transpiring.  All I could even say on Facebook was “Wow…is this really happening?”  Here I am, weeks later still trying to absorb it all, grateful beyond words at what has occurred.   I cannot even begin to tell you of the joy in my heart, of seeing this miracle happen.  We suffered, we endured, and in the end, we were restored above and beyond what we were before it all happened. 

How awesome is that?  Do you get that?  I mean, if it can happen for me, it sure as heck can happen for you.  Why not?  We are no different, you and I.  Use your voice.  Do not quit.  Stand up in who you are and for what you believe in.  Do not fear.  Life still has a few surprises in store for you!    

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