Monday, January 16, 2012

Yummy Goodness

Yummy goodness.  

Those are the words used by my friend Ingrid to describe part of the process of life.  She even giggles when she says it.  To me, the yummy goodness of life, they're all of the moments of pure joy, the moments of laughter, and those moments of full throttle energy that flow between people.  The moments of being present and in gratitude.  The love that comes from being a parent, a friend or the love of being connected to another in ways that are beyond explanation.  They're also the moments of experience, of smelling the sweetness of a flower, of hearing the stillness of the woods, of feeling the warmth of your beloved pet's fur under your hand.  Yes, many moments in life of yummy goodness are to be had.     

In my own life, laughter in particular has been more recent these past few months.  I absolutely love it.  My son is a preteen now with a wicked sense of observational humor.  Never a dull moment around him as he comes into his own.  Since I won't let him have a dog yet, he's vicariously adopted my Facebook friend's dog in Florida who turned 1 this weekend.  Every day it's the same thing, how's Doug, what did Doug do today, what did she post?  He'll look, make a hysterical observation, or crack a joke later when reminded of something related about Doug that he saw on Facebook.  Oh yes, he is his mother's child (animal lover to all animals, well, less stink bugs of course). 

I've also enjoyed the joy connected to the kind of laughter that comes from no where, without warning.  You know the kind, when you're just doing something unrelated and your mind drifts to think of something or someone and you laugh out loud to yourself suddenly.  Yes, yummy goodness that is.  The last blog I wrote was late at night. I turned in for the evening after posting it, laughing out loud as I tried to wind down to sleep.  I was amused at watching all of the dots connect earlier in the evening.  

In all honesty, there is no greater joy than to look upon a moment of your life, something so good, so yummy, that it makes you in that very present moment feel bliss.  Yes, indeed, my journey as of late has had some interesting 'things that make you go hmmm....' moments (remember my amusement at the photo I found for the last blog from Aimforawesome's website, te he, te he).  When I take a second to pause, to give thanks, to soak it in, whatever it is at the moment, I find glimpses of Nirvana.  It is but just another layer of the joys of life, observing it unfold as it should, being in the wonder of the knowing.

It's good to acknowledge all of these moments on the journey.  I've found that I have developed a sincere appreciation for them having observed or transcended many opposite, not so yummy goodness times in life.  It really is just like we're told, life really will make you appreciate when it's good if you'll but hang on and endure when it's bad.  

Which reminds me, if you're on Facebook and you have time to invest in yourself (set it at 15 minutes a day or you could get sucked in for days doing this), I have a little project for you.  The new timeline profile.  You do realize it has every status update, link, image, etc. you've ever posted right?  Oh yeah.  So, if you're a sharer and use Facebook often in that way, that timeline is literally a glimpse into your journey (at least your Facebook years).  Take a little time daily to see where you've been.  Just observe.  Don't judge.  Take mental note or make a list of each time that you transcended an obstacle.  Doesn't matter if it was of your control or not, but each time that hardship came and you overcame.  Remembering what you're capable of might just get you through the muck faster the next go around.  You are after all worth every yummy goodness moment of life has to offer.

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