Monday, January 16, 2012

Connecting the Dots

There is nothing more to conquer; an ocean of peace lay before me.  To be free, as I knew myself to be, is to realize that all conquest is vain, even the conquest of self, which is the last act of egotism.  To be joyous is to carry the ego into its last summit and deliver it triumphantly.  To know peace is total: it is the moment after, when the surrender is complete, when there is no longer even the consciousness of surrender.  Peace is at the center and when it is attained the voice issues forth in praise and benediction.  Then the voice carries far and wide, to the outermost limits of the universe.  Then it heals because it brings the light and the warmth of compassion. - Henry Miller, The Colossus of Maroussi as spoken by Brandon Boyd at the introduction of the Incubus in Chili Film (YouTube)

Learning to create one's life if not taught how to do so productvely early on can be a challenge.  You have to scrub away false belief systems, you have to undo what's been done as you create new habits and practices.  It always boils down to free will and choice.  This is true.  It also boils down to your sense of worth.  When you know your worth and begin to develop it, you reach father, you expect more, you just do better because you know better.  Loved hearing those words from Maya Angelou.  It's completely relative, when you know better you do in fact do better.  If not, you're dying not living and what's the point in that?

There's this magic that happens when you start driving your own life though.  When you set out controlled intentions that are for your greater good, experiences bring circumstances into your life beyond explanation.  There is the orchestra of events, people, places and things that all connect beautifully.  All of a sudden you see the order of the dots.  Your mind races and you connect 1 with 2 and 2 with 3, so on and so forth.  I guess you could compare the sudden clarity to when you look at those hidden images that they used to sell in the mall.  You know the ones where you stand afar and wait to see what's really there as your eyes adjust?  Yep, it's just like that.

I'm watching the dots connect as of late.  Actions from inspired thoughts in the mid to late 90s lead to knowledge used a decade later on the path.  Actions I took in 2009 of inspired thought are bringing forth fruitful and rewarding friendships.  The ones in 2010 have opened up an entirely new area of my life, bringing forth some of the most amazing people I've yet to meet on the journey.  Oh yeah, even a few that make my head spin in joy.  Energy, it's an indisputable force.  Best part is, it's right there, right for you to tap into.

Get about the business of connecting your dots.  They're all relevant.  Step back, give them gratitude and see the big picture.  As for the baggage of any of it, just do your best to let the rest of it go.  The experience is what's relevant, not the baggage connected to the same.  

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