Friday, January 20, 2012

Abundance & Intuitiveness - Stop Denying Your Worth

Life the past few weeks has an abundance of a-ha moments, inspiration, and knowing.  I have been in a place of excited anticipation each day, amused as these things continue to unfold.  It truly is what we American's term on point.  For those of you not familiar with this American slang term, it means that these occurrences comply with that which I am establishing (in this specific instance: manifesting) in my life.  This on point phenomenon has not just been effecting me though, it’s been trickling out to everyone I speak with, particularly my friends who call and write for some “Nita knows” time. 

Hard to believe though, that while residing in all of this high energy wonder and awe, that I can still have moments of inner conflict.  That I still wrestle with understanding, how is it that I can know for others that which they don't know for themselves?  I am not talking fortune telling stuff either.  I know exactly which of my friends being a humorous smart mouth just blurted that out reading this!  No, I cannot tell you about your future.  I am talking about intuitive gifts.  Oh yeah, those things.  What I question is how is it that I can talk to someone I love and care for, knowing with every ounce of my being that the words I am speaking are truth, when one seeking the truth that I am speaking to does not receive the same?  Just as when someone can look at me, see that which I do not see, point it out, and I still not see it?

Why are we blind or in denial to the advice we receive when we seek it?  Better yet, why do we listen, nod in affirmation, and even say things such as “I know, I need to work on that, I’m going to fix that” yet continue down the same paths?  I know the answer to this but do you?  It is about two things: self worth and trust.  Just this week I had a conversation with a friend in Missouri affirming this.  We can scream it from the rooftops what we believe and know for others but when we shift those beliefs and intuitive insights to ourselves, we struggle to overcome our own feelings of inadequacy.  Thus again, receiving anything is rooted in our abilities to believe we are worthy and then trusting in what which we do in fact receive.    

I mean, I cannot explain why the words come as they do when asked or why I relate it in that way that just 'clicked' for someone.  I cannot often even repeat what I just said if in a moving conversation that is coming from a high-energy place.  I can create a summary without a problem but to repeat it word for word, no way, no how will that happen.  That is just how I am.  I am still working on accepting it.  This blog was part of that acceptance.  I can however tell you adamantly that what I know is what I know and that if I love you, I will in how ever many forms or fashions feel the need to explain it do so that it seeps in….every single time…every conversation that you seek it.  

When I talk to you or write this blog, I am not sharing what I know to give you light in times of darkness.  I am not sharing what I know to ground you when you seek grounding.  I am not even sharing to benefit something specific at times; sometimes I am even flying blind as to why I'm sharing.  I have just have learned to do it when asked.  What I am sharing is from beyond me, from a place of inspired thought.  The words are nothing more than the actions of those thoughts.  They are for our experience of the journey.  We just need to receive them.

Yep, so here we are, on this journey.  We are all in our own ways reconciling, accepting, letting go and becoming.  Our greatest obstacle is ourselves and believe me, I get that.  Maybe I shouldn't even be stuck on those who I love that aren’t receiving the words?  Maybe I should just stay in that place of being in wonder, when I watch transpire that which was supposed to?  There are after all people who do get it, who do listen.  Guess what?  There are also times when I listen too.    

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