Friday, October 14, 2011

The Sudden Release

Interesting to me what has happened these last few days and weeks.  My previous post about a negative intuition that I had no control over and was struggling with to accept has taken a complete 180-degree turn in my life.  That negative intuitive thing that was breaking my heart into a million pieces, it has been removed by an instant change of circumstances.  A change in circumstances that none of us even had a hint of or knew was coming.  This change was not necessarily, a positive change in circumstances for the person involved whom the negative intuition was about either, but it is a change in circumstances that is manageable and treatable.
This unknown change in circumstances has allowed the person I love and was concerned over to change the route of their path.  A path that in all honesty is not controlled one little bit by them.  A path that they were already familiar with, openly accepting of, and ready to walk.  It is after all who they are and what they do.  Like I said before, I could not change that about them and honestly, I would not want to.  I am proud of the person they have become because of this selfless path.

The moment I heard the news about the change in the path though, that negative foreboding instantly went away.  Absolutely positively gone.  The release of the same brought tears of unimaginable joy.  If I could of, I would of been doing cartwheels of joy in the local Wally World (my slang name for Wal-Mart) when I read the text message about the new circumstances.  I have honestly never felt such a release of joy like this.  

The very few people I shared the negative intuition burden with say that the sudden change in circumstances are answered prayers or a miracle.  Part of me would like to believe that but I am inclined to disagree because I truly believe we are all exactly where we are supposed to be on the journey.  If the circumstances had not changed and I would have had to continue trusting in the person's path, wherever it leads, then that is what I would have had to do.  I would still have to continue to accept my negative intuition and go about my life waiting to see if it was in fact true as time passed.  
I do know that I will be forever selfishly grateful for the news in that text message notification. Grateful for the sudden turn of events on the person I love's path.  I know I wasn't ready to be right about this negative intuition but really, who is? 

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