Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Intuition & Fighting the Fear

Intuition is a gift. Sometimes it tells you good things, sometimes it tells you things you really would rather not know. Either way, you still have to trust that all is as it should be with those things, including the people and places you have no control over. You still have to trust in life. As for when you can't force yourself to trust, that's when you have to breathe deep and remember to just let it go as best you can, to hand it over to the universe. Even if you do know, it's still not your path.  
I am in a very odd place right now.  I have been processing a negative intuitive feeling as of late.  I am somewhere between acceptance and fear.  I believe that my life has no room for fear yet I'm knee deep in the middle of it when it comes to this one area of my life.  
It is not my path, I know this.  I am reminding myself that I have absolutely no control over what is or what will come to be in the lives of those whom I have intuitive thoughts about, negative or positive.  I also know that I could be completely wrong about this negative intuitive feeling.  Only time is going to tell though.  Time, sweet and precious time.
It is okay though I guess, the waiting.  I will gladly wait the next twenty years of our lives to get this thing that's been tearing me up inside wrong.  I have been handing this thing over to the universe every day, sometimes multiple times a day since it started a little over three weeks ago.  I cannot stop the events of life from happening.  I know this.  I cannot change someone's chosen profession and I sure as hell understand that I cannot change an entire culture's belief system either.  No, I just have to keep doing what I'm so desperately trying to do right now, to just trust in life, even when it has a negative intuitive thought.  I just have to keep letting it go. 
Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina

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  1. It's good that you write. I hope you find it therapeutic.

  2. Thank you Elena, yes, I do write in a therapeutic manner, both here and in my journals and private blog. This situation that I was writing about dissolved itself in that the person I had the 'knowing' about didn't end up going where he was supposed to go. The minute I got the email stating the same, all of is washed away from me. I still haven't told him about it though. I'll explain further privately via a FB email. ;)