Friday, February 22, 2013

New Day, New You?

As the new year came and went many I know were feeling empowered to create a new vision of life for themselves.  Meanwhile here I am back in the fall asking everyone who mentioned it why they were waiting for the New Year to begin a new chapter in their journey.  So, I'm asking you the same thing here again, two months into the "new" year.  Why wait?  What is it about tomorrow I'll do this or at the beginning of the week I'll try that?  COME ON, really?  Don't you get it? You're worth the effort right now!  Today!  Those thoughts that eat at you, that come back repeatedly, they are there for a reason.  As I often say on our Facebook page, it's all about today, the only day we have.  Like it or not, some of us won't finish it either.  Such is life.

So, dig deeper.  Figure out WHY you keep putting it off, why you wait to start.  What happened along the way to change your drive, desires and passion to begin?  Figure it out.  Learn to live life with zero regrets.  I know it seems as if I'm beating the same beat over and over and over again but it's true, time waits for no one.  If you start today in the direction of your desires you'll be one step closer TODAY.  Come on, life's waiting....begin today.  Remember this.  I love you.
Nita Clewis
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