Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Songs are Stories

As you are already aware, music is a large part of my life.  Today I had the pleasure of seeing a sneak peek of a song being written on YouTube by one of the bands I enjoy.  I am going to share with you the background of how this all came together in hopes that you can fully appreciate and understand how moved I am at what crossed my computer screen today.

The band is Eye Empire and their bassist Corey has been a part of my long standing musical “family” for over 16 years.  I have watched his career with various talented individuals blossom through the years.  I have observed lessons learned with the business, lasting love finally come to pass with his beautiful lady, family created and loss endured as he and his brothers said good-bye to their father this year.  You see, I knew he would put together a class act project when I heard their first release some time ago.  Having been through all that he has been through I knew he wasn’t going to settle and I also knew that who he had become on the journey was ripe for such a magnificent union of musicians.  When their first independent release came out I of course snapped it up along with some merchandise to help support the cause.  Merchandise my step-daughter had no problem claiming as her own either, proudly sporting it to her small high school in hopes of spreading the word about the up and coming band. 

Life would have it that by joining my private juicing group on Facebook, the one I’ve written about previously here, that I would end up becoming friends with their singer’s life partner and the mother of their two amazing little boys.  Let me tell you, I adore this woman to pieces.  I look forward to traveling to Florida soon and can’t wait to meet her in person one day over a Rockin’ Wellness shake or a yummy gluten free veggie meal or fresh glass of juice.  We have many similar passions and a certain vibration of devotion to all things beautiful when it comes to food, sustainability, self and parenting.  Knowing how authentic she is I had no doubt that the love of her life would be just as interesting.  What I didn’t realize until watching that video today however was just how interesting Donald is.

While the video itself is a peak into the private world of Donald and the band’s writing, the universal information shared within the 10 minute video is so profoundly on point that I had to share it here at Knowing.  In fact, when I first went to share the link on its own with just a blurb of an introduction, I had so much to say it soon became apparent that a full blog was in order. 

So many of you have reached out to me privately and even publically at the Facebook fan page for Knowing regarding the topics Donald touched upon.  I knew with every fiber of my being that even if the music isn’t your genre of choice that you needed to listen to the entire video to soak in what’s really going on in it, to appreciate what stirred within me that I felt needed to be spoken about here.

In the beginning Donald touches on staying motivated, on the importance of environment on one’s positivity.  He goes on to state how we must understand that we pick our lives, how he’s picked this life for himself.  His life as he has stated isn’t easy, it’s a life that he is making happen every day.  One that he loves, one that albeit is demanding is a life that he never feels like it’s work.  This is what happens when we follow our passions, when we find a way to do what we love and live a happy life.  Donald embodies his words, the working hard and the knowing that he (and his family) deserves everything that comes their way.  You too deserve to do what you love, to create a life of happiness and to believe that you deserve life’s abundance.

As he opens up about the lyrics of the song, about how personal it is for him, he even takes into consideration the gifts of being bi-polar, of finding the advantage to his range of feelings.  I have many friends that are bi-polar and I have never heard any of them draw from it that beautiful outlook of truth.  Donald goes on to touch on our life dreams, on the doors of life being open (and sometimes closed), on our expectations of the same.  I love how he takes accountability for his journey and states that focus and being active is what creates life.  What are we always talking about here at Knowing?  Being present, doing what needs to be done and becoming who we are in the process of the same. 

Standing up, taking control, opening doors for one’s self, even when burned out (worn out) on the journey is truth.  How one creates opportunities in one’s life by working hard is truth.  Donald even goes on to touch on how the lyrics genesis the transition between old mindsets that don’t serve one’s self, the ones we have to get rid of in order to develop and move into the life of the new mindsets such as positively and proactive living.  Yes, all of these life lessons and truths in one beautiful work in progress.

Before the video wraps up he even goes on to explain the importance of knowing when and how to trust others, on how we have to understand how to balance life and how we have to learn to rely upon each other.  Remember in my last blog how I talked about the collective human consciousness that has gathered around my dear friend as she battles breast cancer?  Once again Knowing community, here is the truth, front and center.  Are you listening?  Are you accepting the beauty of the oneness of humanity?

In closing, I don’t think I could of said it better myself.  Songs are stories.  I hope the story behind this one as its being written reminds you of the Universal knowledge we all possess.  As their band always says, “Love, Respect, Support.”  Love one another my friends, respect each other and support each other.  I do.

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