Thursday, July 28, 2011

Authentic Action = Friendship & Blessings Beyond Measure

I have been spending more time on myself this past month. About a third of that newly created me time involves processing some journal assignments for a project I have been working on. What I have found is a moving appreciation of all of those times action was taken in my life, and as result of said actions, that I am been blessed with friendships beyond measure. We are talking true, unedited, unconditional, and loving friendships. You know those people who light up your life, keep you centered and create joy when you are around them or thinking of them. Yes, those people.

I know that true friendship is rare. All too often, takers surround the givers of the world and thus false friendships are created. It takes a lot of heartache of being used and abused for most givers to finally be aware of those people in their lives who are not their true friends, who are just using them for whatever the reason is. I have been hurt a few times myself in my three and a half decades on the planet.

Those experiences without a doubt mold you to appreciate the true friends when they do come. A true and everlasting friend, someone in your life who just makes it brighter, and someone who would not think twice about doing for you as you have done for them. That is just how it works. Most true friends are treated better than family. What was that quote Einstein said? That friends are God's way of making up for your family. Chuckle. Okay then.

Listening to my inner voice and acting on the same has allowed me to create some amazing friendships. I would not change any of them and I am forever grateful that I did indeed act when prompted to from within. Looking back at my life lived thus far, had those instances passed, opportunities would have been lost and I would not be who I am today. I have also learned that listening to the voice from within and following my gut to talk to someone or do something for someone really isn’t even for me to question anymore. I am practicing getting out of my own way and going with it. Each time I have done so I have not been disappointed. I am willing to bet you will not be either. Take action.

True and everlasting friendship can pick up right where it left off if lost, warm a cold soul in an instance and make you never forget who you really are. True friendship inspires you to be all that you can be and to not accept the world's excuses, let alone your own. True friendship is priceless and it cannot be bought. True friendship, it is a blessing unlike any other. Be grateful. Most of all, be a true friend.

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