Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When Family Finds You (Pets Included)

"Friends are God's way of apologizing for your family."  
~ Wayne W. Dyer (The Power of Intention)

I began writing about the way the universe brings people into our lives last year.  This particular blog itself has been a work in progress since that time.  I find it rather amusing that I can construct a blog about my late grandmother Irene over a matter of days but that a blog about family finding us is something I've written, re-written and reviewed time and time again when inspiration came flowing over months

Oh yeah, just so you know, I never write when there isn't a natural flow to it, when it's not coming from through me effortlessly.  That's why my posts are few and far between at times.  In that I write for the simple joy of expression though, I wouldn't have it any other way though.  :)

So here we are, just having celebrated Mother's Day.  If you're alive, you have a mother.  Doesn't mean she fits the bill of the definition of that word but nonetheless, we all have the commonality.  Same with Fathers.  You see, when we come into this world it's sort of like a lottery, you can be born into a family of well adjusted good people, a family of destructive ill living people, or some combination of both.  At that point of the journey it's not a choice. 

What we do with our upbringing or lack thereof as we grow into the world around us and become separated from that which we came from is however, completely ours to choose.  Sadly though, too many people never are shown that there is another way, a better way to live life.  They go through their entire journeys within the confines of the circumstances that made them.  They never even get to make friends that will end up being their 'family' one day.  They fall into their own bad habits, repeat lessons that should have been learned by their parents, and just exist waiting for or even wanting death to come.  I know, I grew up and observed a lot of broken people and their destructive ill living families.  I was fortunate in that my own family for the most part was not this way.  We weren't perfect by any means but it could have been a lot worse than it was.

I firmly believe that those of us who transcend the prior generation's faults tend to create and bring forth into our own lives through our intention people who become our 'family.'  I also believe that the universe has a way of giving you that which you're lacking if you will be open to receiving the same.  This too I've seen happen in my own life.  I've had girlfriends become the sisters I never had, guy friends become brothers I never had, a child become the daughter I never had, women who have filled in the blanks my mother did not contain and men who have done the same for my father.  I've seen pets appear in other people's lives by chance and circumstance, just when the people needed them and just when the people weren't expecting them.

I saw this happen less than two months ago with a dear friend in Florida on Facebook (...social networking, what a joy it's been and brought to my life...) as her family was morning the passing of their beloved four legged family member.  Heck, we were all mourning that little dog's passing, even those of us who never met him in person.  He was so awesome he had his own Facebook page.  My friend, she didn't have the intention of bringing in another pet so soon, she didn't even go out looking for one either, but the universe had other plans and her heart flooded open and said yes that weekend.  One of the very first photos of her with the new addition clearly shows her pain filled eyes in that bittersweet moment.  The joy they share now with him was, without a doubt, meant to be.  Of course they're still missing their other four legged family member but the days are by no means void and empty of animal joy.  I still think of their last dog at least once a week myself because his Mamma's posts about him were as much a part of my Facebook status feed as the posts about her other human children!  So yes, the universe always will give you what you need if you are willing to receive it.  Open your eyes, look, family is right there (four legged or otherwise), waiting to find you.     

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  1. Nita,
    I love you! You have truly become my sister at heart! You understand me better than my own blood ever will! Thank you for following the promptings of the Universe & reaching out to me! You're the best!
    Love & Light,
    ~ Evie