Monday, December 6, 2010

Contentment: Rejoice in Your Journey

"Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you." - Lao Tzu


There is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.  Strong sentiment.  By becoming content with what you have, with what is, etc. we allow the pathway to gratitude to open naturally.  Why should we rejoice in the way things are, even when things are not as we'd like them to be?  Why not?  Life is precious and fleeting.  Life can be cut short.  Let me say it again if you didn't catch that.  Life IS precious, fleeting and short.  Besides, not being content is nothing more than resistance and non-acceptance in disguise. 


My world was reminded of how short life can be over the last month when a colleague in Canada died at the tender young age of 22.  Her name was Margaret Sia.  She's the stunning young lady that I posted a brief video of on my personal Facebook page from You Tube.  It's really short but it shows her natural spark.  One of my local Virginia leaders in the company was her fiance and the two of them were head over heels madly in love and looking forward to their futures together.  


Twenty-two, the same age that my closest friend from my senior year of high school passed away, 14 years yeah, it resonates with me on a personal level because it acts as a reminder of my friend Ann's life being cut short.  Hearing of Margaret's death and watching her fiance grieve online to his Facebook family of course brings it all front and center.  It being life.  The night I found out of Margaret's passing I once again made a promise to myself in my own life to just put it all out there, to take risks, to know love again one day, and to triumph over adversity.  A couple of week's later I saw where a friend had posted the link to the blog page started by Margaret.  Her last message resonated so vividly with me and that blog I'd posted about self love not long ago.  What I was reading was that she too had learned about contentment.  Ahhh, to be twenty-two and so wise. :)


"In order for me to be able to give him my love when he comes, my love must in abundance. I needed to learn to love myself first. I needed to understand inside, that I truly deserve him. I discover more and more ways to give love to myself and without me knowing it, I began to simply give love to others subconsciously. I stopped looking, but it wasn’t because I gave up, I just came to realize that if our love is meant to be, he will find me. Letting go of the search was definitely a challenge, but loving me first – was a very good distraction." - Margaret Sia 


I'm thankful that I'm at the point in the journey that I'm learning to be content in my own life and trying to live in today.  Margaret and her fiance Olander did just that and they both were creating the life they wanted by design.  By Margaret living such a bright life in too few short years, she's left a legacy on those who knew her near and far to shine their own lights bright.  Olander is personally driven and such a strong man of faith that he will undoubtedly carry on their legacy professionally and personally.  


I really believe that there is no reason why you can't create your own life by design.  If this were not true we wouldn't have imaginations, desires and dreams. In fact, when you create a life by design, you find the universe opens itself up to bringing you all the people, places, things and resources you need to make it that way.  My own life has recently had unimaginable things happen that just a year ago were nothing more than thoughts.  Flat out what seemed to be impossible things just happened.  I can't even begin to question the universe anymore.  I'm just holding on and trying my best to steer and enjoy the ride.


Does it mean I'm content all the time? Hah! No! I have a lovely friend I like to spar with from time to time called patience.  You know, that virtue which means 'not right now'...and I hate not right now! Ever find yourself impatient? When I find myself being impatient I go back to reminding myself to be content and to trust in the process, to trust in the manifestation, the end result, etc.  I get connected because when we're connected we trust.  Again, it's not easy to be content, it's not easy to be patient but the sooner you get those two things under control, the sooner life can do what it does best, which is give you what you think about.

Being content is also of course another way of acceptance.  Not being content is resistance.  Resistance is nothing more then a negative or defeatist attitude.  Negative attitudes are in my world parasites, the suck the energy right out of me.  Negativity is toxic and it spreads like crazy.  It manifests and multiplies just as easily as positive does.  Given this, is there even really a choice anymore?  I didn't think so.  Be content.

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