Monday, July 6, 2015

The Pull: I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

As of late, things have been quiet here.  I've been wrapped up in the present moment of the life, of enjoying and savoring how things have unfolded as of late.

In early April my family took in a feral cat that had just had a litter of five kittens.  My mom calls her Bunny given the arrival of her kittens and Easter.  Early on in life my mom taught me to love animals, to care for them and to provide for them.  She was an orchestrating part of making sure this cat and her last generation of wild had a fighting chance.  The entire process was a lovely reminder of how unconditional love and patience can change the course of another life.  When I first met momma feral she was fearful of humans.  When we noticed her belly, my dad not wanting to see her suffer, brought a bag of food out to the house to feed her with.  The bond began and she started to learn that I wasn't going to harm her.  Before she delivered we could touch her back while she was eating.  Then she disappeared for three days and upon returning to eat, she wasn't so wide and waddling. So, I made it a point to follow her after her morning meal.  What's really wild is that the night before she went MIA, I had a dream of newborn kittens, as if I was connected in some way mentally to that momma cat.  I did find her in the window well of another property.  Then operation get those babies and her was on!

She looks thrilled doesn't she?
Her temporary housing until we knew she was in good health, when we thought the rescue would take her.
While I despise the neighbors for not doing anything to stop her generation of ferals, in the big picture I'm grateful that in the end I could give this one a home.  Per my mom's request, Bunny has ended up with me once we learned the private county rescue (no kill) that my mom has donated to for over a decade couldn't take her and the kittens.  Abandoned kittens, sure.  A mother NURSING her kittens, not going to happen. How backwards is that crap?  She's healthy (thank God for no feline diseases or major issues given her first few years were wild), a good mother, and starved for attention and affection.  The months in my mom's home being cared for and loved on transformed her.  Unless you're a stranger to her in my home, one would never know she was feral. 

While my two felines haven't exactly accepted her since she came home to me post spay and weaning, no one is killing each other and all are settling into the transition better than expected.  We even get a few nose touches here and there between them without a hiss now.  Even weeks later when her last two kittens became too much for my mom to care for so they were transferred to my house with their mother.  We thought they all had homes but sadly the last two weren't given time to adjust in their new adopted environment with the other cats they owned, so they're back with me.  Some people have patience for it, some don't.  Needless to say, my son is over the moon to have his Pearl (black female) back at his computer with him.  Me, I just don't see myself with FIVE CATS to care for the next 20 years.  We still have those two kittens who need homes so if you know of anyone local to Northern Virginia or the Shenandoah Valley who understands that it's a "furever" time and financial commitment, have them contact me about them.

Family portrait less Mr. Independent who was always out exploring.

Come May and a real spring around here, those reminders in unconditional love and Bunny's transformation would come full circle.  Circumstances won't allow me to say all that I wish to say about the subject, but it's safe to say that I'm connecting more dots now in this area of the journey.  I'd been talking to my late friend's lover about life and how we only get a few people who come along that we "feel a pull" with, how we know them the moment we meet them.  Some stay, some don't.  That's not the point.  The point is recognizing and understanding that "pull" that says "I know you from before.  I feel like I know you.  I need to know you."  How these people seem Heaven sent or By Design.  When we follow the pull we end up finding out that they have a role to play in our growth and becoming.  A few weeks after that conversation with her, I found myself in another friend's home looking down at my phone muttering an "Ohhhhhhh SHIT" while looking at notifications.  Yep, that happened.  What's funny is that in the chaos of her home, she remembered it from the moment I mentioned something else weeks later.  An old friend and lover appeared from my past, someone I had hoped to reconnect with again one day, someone who was "a pull."  I found this even more profound considering some work I'd been doing about 4-6 weeks earlier, wherein I'd asked God/The Universe/The Super Subconscious to fetch something for me, the correct spelling of his last name.  It fetched all right, and way more than I bargained for at that moment in time.

Speaking of the Universe doing more than I bargained for and "pulls" in general, fast forward to June and doing something I love, working while indulging in live music and well, lets just say my life just transformed to an entirely different level.  We're talking about exiting one's comfort zone level.  Things I'll write and share to come.  A change that I'm still navigating with the freaky deakys in my life.  That's what I call all of the contact from the "other side" .....the messages, feelings, nudges, and information that comes at random whenever it wants to.  Needless to say, all is as it should be with that stuff.  I'm listening and I promise I'll continue to get out of its way.  I hope you'll listen too regarding your own nudges, pulls and moments of inspired thought.  They really are there for our greater good.  Remember that.  I love you.

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