Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ding! Ding! Ding! THANK YOU Dr. Seuss

For someone who strives to be mindful on a daily basis of living in the here and now, it occurred to me on my way to my mother's house for our New Year's Day meal, that part of the mourning process I've been dancing with is essentially living in the past.  It was a true "ding-ding-ding" moment for me.  This is something I've read and known, but really didn't KNOW deep inside with an open acceptance.  

Reflecting on 2014 and all that came with it, and how it forever changed me and this path I'm navigating, it settled in.  I was driving down Happy Creek Road into town, in one of my favorite parts of the road where you have a view of the mountains and Randolph Macon Academy on the other side of town framed in the center up on the hill.  It's actually the stretch of road where about a 1/2 mile further up I turn to take the short cut through town, and pass along the way where Thomas is buried.  Clear as day I received the thought, "Don't be sad that it's over.  Smile because it happened."  I knew this was a quote or that there was a quote to this regard out there somewhere.  As soon as I arrived in Flint Hill, I looked it up on my phone.  

Well I'll be! Dr. Seuss!  Really? Heh, talk about full circle living right?  A book from childhood containing within it a "universal message."  It resonated so deeply and has stirred frequently since.  So much so that this is now my mantra for 2015 each time the grief Ninja creeps up and each time that I reel my thoughts back to the now and to finding gratitude.  As painful as 2014 was, with all of its stripping away and losing people, it was also a profound gift.  2014 was a constant in my face reminder of what matters most.  All of that loss and the fallout from the same gave me an understanding like no other that DEATH IS NOT THE END.  I don't care what your religious beliefs are.  This isn't about that.  This about our energy, what makes us, and our eternal self moving on to the next thing on its to do list.  That we're all connected.  That we can and do receive information from those who have passed on, as well as those we may have known in other lives or whom we've played with often on the other side.  That if we'll just be still, trust and listen, that guidance is all around us.  

Indeed, Dr. Seuss may have just helped me to create a whole lot more peace in the pain. Thank you.  I love you Dr. Seuss. 

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