Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Garden

Yesterday one dear friend reached out for help while another who has distanced herself remains hospitalized. There are similarities in their current crossroads in that they're both fighting for their lives and sanity at the moment.  It's difficult to be so far away from both of them, to not be able to look them in the eyes, give them a hug and tell them they're going to make it through this.

I also recently learned of another friend's dark time from a couple of years ago.  A friend who's so amazing and makes me laugh every day just by being her silly self.  To read her story was so powerful.  I'm incredibly grateful the Universe gave her an out, a person to confide in and reach out to who has walked the walk she was on the path of.  This mutual acquaintance really did save her life by just being there at the right time.  He of course didn't know this when he was reaching out to inspire others.  Isn't that the way it often goes though?  We're lead by spirit to share and open up, not knowing or understanding who or when that outreach will inspire.

Thinking about all of these things brought me to tears.  Tears of joy at my intuition to set my alarm for an afternoon nap just minutes before my friend called reaching out.  Normally I'd sleep until I was done sleeping and of missed that call.  It also reminded me of how important it is that we listen to the voice from within, that we trust it and act upon the same.  In all honestly, I've never had it steer me wrong.

In the midst of talking with the one friend yesterday the following came through.  I posted it at the Facebook fan page but wanted to include it here as well.  Don't be fearful of the pruning in life.  Don't neglect pulling the weeds either.  Within your struggle is a higher self, a being that is timeless and here to learn.  Listen, love, act, give and receive.  Those nudges that keep calling your name are there for a reason, that reason is your greater good.  Trust in the process and believe and never forget, you're not alone in this journey.  

Spring flowers from my old residence in Sperryville, VA

The Garden

The decisions we make about life are similar to gardening.  When we decide to make a change in our lives, we are planting new seeds to harvest.  At the same time we're planting new seeds, we are often faced with parts of our life that need pruning or removal, just like in the garden.  If we want to grow and make for more beautiful surroundings it is necessary.  Sometimes we transplant people, places and things and other times we get rid of them all together.  It's the same with the pruning part.  Once we decide we won't accept something or that we deserve more from ourselves or those in our life, we find that the choices we're making require cutting back on what doesn't serve us so that we can grow.  The beauty of gardening is that the reward comes from the focused care and attention to the same, just like life.  Time to bloom.  I love you.

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