Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Difficult Choices: Finding Peace in Insanity

It is said that life is what happens when we are busy making plans.  Yes, it does.  How different the winds of life has blown since my last post about a lost classmate and new friend.  September 2012 was a month of change and an opportunity to take clarity to the next level.  The month wherein all that's been a part of me up until this point of the journey was questioned, tested and in the end, deeply appreciated.

I found myself amidst another round of using my voice, of tough love and of letting go and trusting.  The great thing about all of the above is that the more you do these things, the faster you reclaim your peace and understanding of your path here.  I found myself having to make a choice I never wanted to make.  I didn't even have time to "process" it.  I just had to act and act quickly.  Without getting into details, lets just say it sucked and was incredibly difficult to do, yet it had to be done.  As days turned into weeks after this choice, affirmation came that it was indeed the correct thing to do as well as the best thing to do for all involved.  I've never felt more peaceful.  This time of my life reminds me of when I had another difficult choice to make, a time three years ago.  After that choice also came this same peacefulness. I have learned that we aren't to question these things, that we are simply supposed to take the lessons and the love forward.

That's the beauty of life, when we step out into what we know is right no matter the pain or consequences of the same, we find a peace that passes all understanding when we do the right thing, the thing that honors our being.  When we stand up, we claim victory and void ourselves of any chance of being victimized.  Lastly, when we hold others accountable for their actions, we not only reinforce our worth, we're teaching the other person a valuable lesson about it as well.

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